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Hey lovelies!
Its' been quite some time since I last attended events and YES! I'm finally back to blogosphere! I was super excited that I finally get to meet my girls in Shiseido Ibuki Event and get to try out their new launched product - Shiseido Ibuki Multi Solution Gel!
Ibuki is the Japanese word that refers to a kind of inner strength - a buried resource that can endure adversity, and emerge in beautiful condition. This Shiseido Ibuki range caters especially for women in their 20's and 30's based on the comprehensive research of their lifestyle and skin physiology. Its exclusive multi functional hydration line build skin's resistance to UV rays, dryness and prevent breakouts caused by daily stress.
The new launched product added to the Shiseido Ibuki range - Multi Solution Gel is the remedy for many beauty emergencies in our life! Imagine those days where your stress tolerance reaches its peak, imbalance diet, endless insomnia due to heart broken dramas... You're trying so hard to hide all these emotions and tell people that "Hey I'm doing fine!" but, but, but, those breakouts, visible pores and skin roughness just betrayed you. Fret not! Multi Solution Gel is here to help you bounce back from all the emergencies
Right before we were introduced to the Multi Solution Gel, Shiseido Malaysia has arranged a Exercise Ball Pilates for us bloggers to stretches our body and feel good about ourselves! I think we did a pretty good job considering its our first time doing pilates ;) 
Well.... Never trust what you see. We actually laughed so hard at each other because we kept falling from exercise ball and most of the time our posture was just so ugly! It wasn't easy at all to balance ourselves on the exercise ball so thumbs up to our coach she's superb! Also, million thanks to the best photographer on earth that managed to capture these one in a million moment where all of us looked good! LOL!
Oh how I miss my girls! They are the craziest bunch I've ever met and its just so great to be able to hang out with them. Shout out to my beloved chili padi Amelie, thanks for never forgetting me! Seriously, don't know where I'd be without your love ♥ 
Let's get back to the Multi Solution Gel by Shiseido Ibuki. It is a high impact gel solution for skincare emergencies to help rescue you from multiple skin concerns that appear due to stress and lifestyle habits. The gentle yet effective formula makes it suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin and it is NON-COMEDOGENIC (basically means it doesn't clog your pores) and DERMATOLOGIST-TESTED.
I like its comforting scent (smells like aloe vera+alcohol) and the cooling sensation that makes me feel like applying it all over my face everyday! So how does this little pot help our skin to bounce back from beauty emergencies? Think of it as a first aid for those bad skin conditions. Once you apply it to your problem areas, it acts like a bandage to block out external stimulus and promotes self-healing
How to use:
  • To take an appropriate amount, tap your finger on the gel surface and spread it all over the problem area.
  • For use as part of your skincare regime, use it as the last step.
  • For use over makeup, take a small amount and dab it lightly onto the skin.

It's quite special when it comes to the texture and application of the this gel. I would say its very bouncy and it adheres very well on my skin. You can just pop some of it on your acne and it will not run all over your face. On the other hand, when I spread over my face, it glides on smoothly and spread evenly on my skin.  
The unique bouncy texture of the gel locks in dewy moisture and a rich supply of skin-reviving ingredients directly to our skin. I always have few super annoying acne on my nose from time to time (ouch!) and it hunts me down again few days ago! Guess its just in time for me to try this out? So far I find that it helps to prevent further inflammation and certainly does calm the redness of my acne. Of course, I don't expect my acne to heal right after applying this product but I know my skin heal faster and better now.

I haven't feel so good for a long time! Guess blogging is really my thing and doing things that I love really makes me happy! I know that I missed a lot of fun when I was away but I'm so grateful that so much love was given to me after all these while! Thank you Shiseido Malaysia for having me and guess what girls? 3 hours drive from Johor to KL is all worth it! (inside joke) :P

I've found my inner-strength to endure the pain, and I'm more than who I was yesterday.
I've found my Ibuki 

Shiseido Ibuki Multi Solution Gel
Price: RM160.06 / 30ml
Shiseido Ibuki Multi Solution Gel will be available from May 2015 onward at all Shiseido counters nationwide.

For more information, visit:

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