Time to SHOP in Taiwan!


If you ask me where in the world that I would like to go the most?
My answer is: Taiwan.
Yes, instead of France, Switzerland, Japan and all other famous destination in world, I chose Taiwan. I think the main reason was because I've been watching Taiwanese TV Show since I was a kid and since then, being able to travel to Taiwan is a dream of mine! I was lucky enough to have crossed out one of my New Year Resolution last year because I've finally visited Taiwan!
My visit to Taiwan last year has deepened my love towards this beautiful island! I love the climate, the food, and most importantly the people living on the island because they are simply so welcoming and cheerful! The trip to Taiwan was a family trip and guess what? All of us enjoyed our trip very much! Taiwan has got all of us covered, the youngest ones being my 6 years old niece, and the eldest  one being my cousin's granny! Initially I was kind of worry that too many people traveling together might cause conflicts as each of us has our own preference. Luckily, all of us have one and only common interest which is....

I guess that's probably the reason why we've chosen Taiwan as our destination because it is indeed heaven for shopaholic like us!

Let me tell you why Taiwan is the best place where you can bring your whole family there and have a crazy shopping spree with no guilt at all! I'll start with the most important person to please in a family trip, the elderly.

It's not easy to travel with the elderly as we don't want them to be too tiring at the same time they don't want to burden us. Well, that's another case for Taiwan. Grandma and grandpa get to taste the best Tea in the world as Taiwan is so famous of their Oolong Tea, Black Tea as well as Green Tea
On top of that, they like to bring back the Black Sugar Ginger Tea (Jiang Mu Cha) as souvenirs for their friends and relatives because drinking Jiang Mu Cha help to keep us warm and its really tasty! We've got ours at Jiu Fen Old Street while shopping for some Taiwan delicacies such as Pineapple tart and dried fruits.
Moving on to mommies! If you're up for luxury goods like my mum, you definitely don't want to miss out destinations like Breeze Centre, Taipei 101 Mall, Bellavita and Xinyi District! They offer most of the international luxury brands such as Bottega Veneta, Louis Vuitton, Prada and many more!
P/S: I've got a long champ here and mummy got herself a Burberry limited edition bag! Look out for limited edition ones ;)
Well for us young ladies, my elder sister and I went crazy at night market where they've got so many cheap yet fashionable items selling everywhere! I personally LOVE Xi Men Ding very much because its like a hipster area. (I got to admit that I was mostly being influenced by the drama 西街少年) You can find all sort of fashion here and their fashion piece imported from Korea are of really really good quality and affordable! You can also find some celebrity fashion labels here too such as Stage by Show Luo and May Day's Stay Real!
Wu Fen Pu is another place that makes me and my sister gone wild! I can't say that their items are dirt cheap but trust me, you get what you're paying for, and way cheaper than you thought it should be!
Of course you can't miss out all the super yummy street food when you shop at these places so we're basically shop-eating! Some not to missed yummy food like Ah Zhong Mee Sua, stir fried O-Chen and braised rice are MUST TRY! You can eat first before you start shopping at night market so you get to burn off all the calories while doing shopping! PERFECT EXCUSES HUH

WAIT! Stop thinking about food! (I'm on diet T.T)
Every time when I see these faces, I know I need to keep myself pretty!
They are the famous beauty and fashion gurus I have been following since I was a kid! NO KIDDING! I love watching the TV show Ladies First (女人我最大) and they are the icon of the show! These beauty gurus have their own cosmetics and skincare brand that are highly raved by bloggers and celebrity. Another mission of mine to visit to Taiwan is to replenish my cosmetics and skin care range. 
Taiwan has SO MANY cosmetics and skin care brand that is worth investing! They are of affordable price and highly effective! Brands like Hanaka, Naruko, Timeless Truth, Beauty Diary, every girls in Malaysia know about them! Imagine getting hands on all these products at a price of at least 30% cheaper than retail price in Malaysia....HOW CAN YOU RESIST?
I personally recommend 86Shop because they have a lot of products for you to choose from and their shops are ideally located at most of the tourist attraction like Xi Men Ding and Shih Lin Night Market! Just ask the passer by they will show you where it is because everybody love 86Shop! (and of course Taiwanese are very friendly and helpful!)

OK. Now you must be thinking that, what my dad or brother suppose to do when we ladies are all over shopping?!
Well, I don't think my dad and brother are better than us either. They went crazy for their 3C products! Just so you know, brands like ASUS and HTC they are MADE IN TAIWAN! Yes they are owned by Taiwan company so its definitely cheaper if you get it in Taiwan as compared to Malaysia! Plus, you don't have to pay GST for that! AHA! So have fun, boys!

Lastly, not forgetting my younger sister who is just 14 years old who hasn't develop her interest on fashion, beauty and cosmetics yet like her two crazy elder sister. She's a typical bookworm. Tell you what, she told me that Taiwan is her favorite place as they have 24 hours bookstore! (The first one in the whole wide world) Even though she got bored shopping with us all day long, she got so happy and relieved when she get to visit to Eslite Bookstore at night when all other shops are closed and we're finally free from shopping to accompany her do something that she likes. We usually like to have drinks here and swipe our tablet while waiting for her to pick her books. If you're a Manga lover like my sister, you will not regret visiting Eslite Bookstore. I've picked up a few album from my favorite singers (mainly for Yen-j hehe) to complete my collections too.
After all those tiring shopping spree, its really good to relax yourself in the Hot Spring while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Taiwan. Chit chatting, telling each other how much fun we had and how we wish to visit Taiwan again in the future, the conversation goes on till we get up from hot spring and went back to hotel room and rest. I love this feeling and that's the whole purpose of travelling isn't? Relax, have fun, rest.
I would love to visit Taiwan again anytime soon. Here's the place that has changed my perception of "travelling with family is tiring/burden". If you're planning a family trip, why not Taiwan? You will not regret it and trust me, it's gonna be a wonderful one.

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