[SkinCare] My Skincare Routine!


Hi Lovelies! I'm finally back to Malaysia!

It's been quite some time since I last blogged! So what I've been doing lately? Basically travelling around Australia, exploring and learning. I really cherish every single moment I had in Melbourne therefore I try my best to spend all my time on things and people that I love. I got to admit that 7 months stay in Australia had somehow changed me. I've changed almost entire wardrobe of mine, skincare, and even some of my habits!
Today I'm sharing with you my current skincare routine that I've been experimenting and loving since the day I tried them on! I try to keep everything simple for my skin care routine because I'm a really lazy girl yet I make sure that they are sufficient to keep my skin healthy! Keep reading and I hope you guys like it :)

Makeup Remover : Shu Uemura Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil (RM360/450ml)
I'm in love with Shupette! Madly in love with the entire Shu Uemura x Karl Lagerfeld collection! I always wanted to try their cleansing oil but when I asked for sample they only gave me one sachet so I couldn't really decide if I should invest such a huge amount in cleansing oil itself. Somehow I picked this up when I walked pass Shu Uemura without a second thoughts! There's no doubt on how this highly raved makeup remover works, it's just whether or not you are willing to splurge a little for it and guess what? I'm sold.

Facial Cleanser : LUSH Ultrabland (SG25/45g)
I've found my holy grail!!! I can't stop telling people around me HOW AMAZING is this product! I think the founders of LUSH are genius to have created such awesome cleanser! It's a wax cleanser and you don't clean it with water instead you clean with damp clothes or cotton pad. I normally use it at night when I'm not in hurry to get ready for work. It is capable of taking off my makeup, even the water proof ones and leave my skin so soft and moisturized! It calms my break out immediately after using it and my red and swollen pimples just got flatten the next morning! 

Toner : Lancome Tonique Confort (RM120/400ml)
I first tried this toner in Sephora and I do like the touch of my skin after applying it. However, I didn't get my hands on them immediately because I couldn't even finish all the toners I had with me but somehow I get my friend to bring me 2 bottles of them from Malaysia after realizing that the weather in Australia is FREAKING DRY and I need something more hydrating. I love how it hydrates and prepare my skin for better absorption of my following skin care routine. It's the first Lancome product I've tried and its not too pricey for me. Love it!

Serum : Shu Uemura Tsuya Skin Youthful Radiance Generator (RM428/75ml)
Shu Uemura skin care was really new to me as I only have their eyebrow pencil (I LOVE IT) and eyelash curler. My friend gave me a sample size of this youthful radiance generator and my life has changed ever since I started using it! My skin was so rough back then with lots of small bumps here and there. After trying this serum for a couple of days, my skin turned out to be so soft and it's GLOWING! I immediately went back and grab a 75ml size because I know I'm not gonna regret getting the largest size!

Moisturizer : Aesop Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream (SGD63/60ml)
I've been searching for a good moisturizer for quite some time. I did some research about different brands such as Lancome, Jurlique, Shu Uemura and so on.. At the end, I was deciding between Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer and any cream from Aesop. Both brands are new to me and I had no idea how to make a choice. After a few consideration, I went for Aesop because I do prefer something more natural and we can't really get Aesop in Malaysia but I'll still be able to get Kiehl's later on if I regret :P Anyways, Aesop didn't disappoint me as it's really hydrating and I love the smell of it! They have a few different moisturizer and I picked the lightest cream so it wouldn't be a burden to my skin.

Looking back at all the skin care I've tried so far, this combination really cost me a bomb but I think it's all worth it! Some people might ask me is that alright to mix all different brands? I personally think it's perfectly fine because different products serve different purpose! I might even have different moisturizer to suit my skin condition from time to time! I strongly suggest you guys to try the product before purchasing it because it might not work the same for everybody and its not cheap :P What I will do is to ask for a sample/sachet, try it at home, feel it, then decide whether or not it's worth investing!

Alright, that's all for now! I'll be doing a more detailed review for each of them soon so stay tuned ;)
Do let me know if you've tried any of them and how do you feel k?


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