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I just came back from Bangkok few days ago and I'm still my holiday mood! Had so much seafood in Hua Hin, shop till drop in Bangkok and most importantly catch up with my beloved sister! It's been a year since we last met and I was kinda sad because we only get to be together for a few days only. Anyway, I've got my hair dyed to darker tone before the trip so that I look more young and energetic! This time I did my hair in Restyle 1 Mont Kiara and I absolutely love the outcome!
photo credits to A Cut Above
Restyle+ is actually under A Cut Above and their services are more affordable as compared to A Cut Above Saloon which provides high end and premium services to their customers. I'm so used to my aunt's saloon and all those aunty aunty saloon so I was a bit stress and worry when I first visit Restyle+ in 1 Mont Kiara. Somehow it's still A CUT ABOVE weh, who doesn't know this big big name? But then, I didn't feel uncomfortable at all when I first step into their saloon! Maybe it's because their interior is so bright and comforting? Also their stuff are so friendly tuat they talk and chat with me like we've known each other for so long! So yea, I get to relax myself and I completely enjoy their service. 
I actually just dyed my hair about...2 to 3 months ago so when I told boyfie that I'm going to dye my hair in Restyle+ 1 Mont Kiara he went like "what? again?!"
Yes I seriously need to dye my hair AGAIN because my previous purplish red was gone in less than 10 wash. My hair simply couldn't hold red and purple but I just can't bleach my hair so........T.T 
My stylist for the day was Pauline, the lady on the right. She's too shy to take a photo with me so I have only this shot of her. She's very friendly and professional, giving me very constructive suggestion in choosing the hair color that suits me. I was planning to go for blue without bleaching so it will turns out to be like black with a little bit of blue-ish under the sun. However, Pauline told me that if I were to go for blue, it will be very difficult for me to change my hair later on. So I just got to gave up and we change to dark ash instead. Pauline added some black tone in it hopefully it turns out darker which fits my expectation. For your information, they are using Loreal Professional products ;)
I waited for around 45 minutes or more, couldn't really remember but I know it's longer than usual because I hope the color turns out to be darker. Then I proceed to hair wash and I must say their chair is super comfortable that I almost fall asleep! :D 
Ugghhh but then they told me they forgot to apply Vaseline around my forehead so I've got stain around my forehead =.= Luckily I get to wash it of in 1 or 2 days. It looks like shadow that contours my forehead though hahahaha should have ask them leave the stain evenly then I don't have to draw it manually XD 
The end result was great, a little bit of brownish under indoor light but it basically looks just like black. I'm okay with the color as I intended to get a color that is near to black because I believe after few wash and the color fades, the ash and brown will comes out eventually.
Another photo of my hair colour under sunlight! Took this photo in Hua Hin few days back and I realized the ash and brown started to evolved! Anyhow there's still some red that left on my hair prior to my hair dye this time and Pauline said its the hardest color to cover so it's normal to have some reddish remaining. It's so fun to actually observe the changes in my hair colour everyday. I love the process hahaha!
Well the reason that I chose to get a darker hair colour is because it makes me look fairer, healthier and younger. Also, it's easy to match with any outfit. I wanted to rest my hair for at least half a year without dying so hopefully my hair gets healthier too. I will not go for just black because that's a little too boring and also heavy so this darker tone is the best choice because I don't have to worry for the ugly hair roots yet it still makes my hair lively. Overall, I had a great experience in Restyle 1 Mont Kiara and their pricing is quite affordable! Don't really remember their exact pricing for each and every service but I do remember their senior stylist cut is RM50 and above, such a great deal right?
You can check out their price range here:
I personally felt that their service worth every penny you're paying and it's a great place to get your hair done and makes you look different!
You can always walk-in for consultation or if you have no idea at all, leave it to their stylist like what I did because they are all professional and well-trained stylist under supervision of A Cut Above.

Check out their website for more information:

Restyle 1 Mont Kiara
Operation Hour: 10am – 9pm
T : +603 6211 2930
L2-13 2nd Floor, 1 Mont’ Kiara, 
No.1 Jalan Kiara, Mont’ Kiara, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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