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It's been a while since I last received this HiShop pink box. I must say HiShop never fails to surprise me in many ways. This time I was given a box of éclat D'or Mask to review and I got them a few days later as compared to others because the delivery company couldn't contact me. Anyhow HiShop is still very thoughtful in giving me spacious time to review the masks. Thank you *hugssss*
éclat D'or silk placenta mask series with unique design for five different skin types. This mask series contains the patented extract essence of SephyllaTM with the antioxidant effect of trehalose which moisturizes quickly, repair damaged cells and promote cell regeneration and to resist the signs of aging. 
 éclat D'or Mask is actually formulated in France so no doubt on their ingredients and technology. The mask series has a thin structure, coupled with nano-infiltration technology, absorptive capacity increase up to 20 times. Hydra source is able to strengthen the skin's natural defense towards dehydration.
There are 5 pieces of mask in a box.
I can't take my zombie look after few days of fever. Guess its a good timing to test how effective is the mask. *wink*
My skin moisture level was down the drain, I think it's mainly due to lack of sleep and dehydration caused by my fever. How can I show people this tired face?! Let's see how can the mask revive my radiance ;)
 The silk placenta mask texture is so soft that I can even feel the softness when it lays on my face. It's hard to describe to what extend its softness is but what I can tell is that it's extremely comfortable having this mask on your face.
There's no cut off at the edges like what other masks normally have but its doesn't affect anything. I can still adjust my mask well and even do silly expression with the mask on. (It's bad to have so much expression with mask on)
éclat D'or Mask is very generous in terms of the amount of essence in the packet. What I do normally is to massage these remainder on my neck and hand while waiting for the time to take down the mask.
I just leave the mask on for 20 minutes (recommended) and it took quite some time for my face to absorb all the essence remain on my face. I would suggest this mask for people who need a strong boost in their skin moisture level. It's quite a thick mask I would say, but the result is visibly good. My skin radiance was instantly restored.
Believe no? Look at my skin moisture level in contrast to skin oiliness then you will know. Now I believe why it claims that it can moisturize the skin quickly. Moisturizing is the most important step to fight against aging. Don't forget skin dryness will lead to premature skin aging! So young people, you can start anti-aging regime later but not moisturizing okay ;)
I'll give this mask a 4/5 because its so effective that you can see the result immediately.For more information, visit product page: http://www.hishop.my/eclat-d-or-hydra-source-mask

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