[Event] Pew pew pew! Lazer Tag @ Lazer Warzone eCurve with The Butterflies!


The Butterfly Project has turned 1! Congratulation and thanks for the hard work and effort of all the butterflies especially the SWAT team to make this community so successful and meaningful! I guess without the community, I wouldn't be who I am today being able to attend events and review awesome products. The most precious thing I've got from the community is get to know butterflies who share the same passion in blogging and of course, beauty. Alright, enough talking and back to the topic.
We celebrated our 1st Anniversary at Lazer Warzone, eCurve. It was a fun-filled day zapping each other in the game! Think we ladies are weak? No, you're so so wrong! XD
The Lazer Warzone of eCurve is located at 1st Floor near Sasa. It's not difficult to spot the it because you can see either their counter, or the warzone when you come from any direction.
This is the area where we get to sit down, eat and chit chat!
The entrance to the arena is in this room. We get ourselves geared up here then, the war begins! Did you see the television hanging out there? That's where you get to check your score after the match ;) 
Mamasan Tammy sprained her leg but still there to arrange the event for us, touched T^T
Get well soon Tammy!
It was really hot when I just entered the room. Perhaps there were too many of us so it takes time for the air-conditioner to adjust its temperature. I love how the room was decorated to create a more "PARTY" feeling for us! Immediately turned my hyper mode ON!
Since we started the party quite early, there were some food served and drinks were prepared as well. Not something fancy but definitely a great meal for us to kick start our day!
The staff from Lazer Warzone came into our room while we makan-makan to brief us on how the game works, the Do's and Don'ts and showed us how to wear the gears and control the gun. So don't worry about being awkward if you don't know how to play the game!
Another fun thing is that there's a TV in the room for us to actually see what's happening in the arena. It's fun to see how the girls attacked each other or hiding quietly at a corner act like a sniper! It's never boring if you come in large group and need to take turns to play the game! Can laugh at each other hahaha!
In terms of the pricing, here's the price list you can refer to. If you were to throw a party or gathering here, they have a Party Package which is only RM50 per pax for 4 games (min 15 pax), you will have the party room all to yourself for 2 hours with some simple meal served! I love the deal and definitely going to bring my gang here for some fun!
Locker service is also provided with a RM2 charge. I'd prefer them to provide locker service for free since no one wants to bring bags into the warzone isn't? 
Carmen and I said a BEFORE and AFTER will be fun so we did it together! Can you tell which is which? It's obvious though :P Af first I thought a 15 minutes game probably ends too fast but Carmen told me that "It feels like forever".Well, I understand the phrase only after I finished my first match! It's seriously tiring and exciting at the same time. I kept running and hiding and shooting and sweating and wondering how come the match never ends?!
A big salute to the champion team because it was never easy to win the match! 
By the way, my team won the 1st runner up! Let me introduce you the elites from Athena team!!

The winners get a medal and also vouchers from the Lazer Warzone. It's been years since I last gotten a medal during secondary school time! Oh my oh my, time flies!
The result and ranking doesn't really matters because what matters most was the bonding between us butterflies and also, the 1st Anniversary celebration of The Butterfly Project! Hoooorrayy~! The super colorful cake prepared by Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party was so colorful! It sort of symbolizes how The Butterfly Project leads me to live a colorful life! *hugggsss*
Of course when the ladies finally meet each other again, selfies are never ending procedure! Guess the staff of Lazer Warzone really cannot tahan us! It's like we can just non-stop selfie anywhere with anything! LOL!
Feels like a real cop isn't? Cool no? 
syok sendiri hahahahaha
You might think that Lazer Tag is boring and it's better to try paint ball. I myself have no courage to go for paint ball because all my friends went and came home with bruises >< . I think ladies would prefer Lazer Tag more and don't get me wrong, guys would love it too! It's pretty challenging and we have to plan our strategy well in order to win the game. The warzone might seems small but trust me, I felt that I just had a gym session within that 15 minutes match! NO KIDDING! Carmen and Furfer also told me that we should never underestimate kids if we happen to play with them because both of them lose to kids the last time they played Lazer Tag! It was a fun-filled day with the ladies and I'm looking forward to meet them again! Love them to the max! 

Ends with a funny expression, act cool but fail photo of me!

For more information, visit:

Lazer Warzone Facebook
Lazer Warzone Website

IOI Mall Puchong
Lot 3 et 3, 3rd Floor, 
IOI Mall Puchong,
Jalan Puchong, Batu 9,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
Puchong 47170,
Phone : 03-80701335

E@Curve Damansara
Lot L1-93, E@Curve,
No 2. Jalan PJU 7/3,
Mutiara Damansara PJU 7,
47810 Selangor
Phone : 03-77331335


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