Seeties Getaway Treat Campaign: Outdoors & Beautiful


Hi everyone!
Recently I've been invited to join a new network called Seeties.
It's a platform where you get to share everything you love in this city, be it fashion, events, arts or even food!
When I log on to the website I was amazed by all the other writers who are sharing their experiences on the website.
Their photos are great, write up are so interesting and all the food looks so tempting XD
I'm not advertising for Seeties anyways so if you would like to know more about Seeties, do visit their website and you might just fell in love with it!
Seeties is currently running a Getaway Treat Campaign where us, who is sharing on the website get to win a 2 day 1 night vacation in a villa of our choice!
I realized that I'm really into vacation and travel.
Now I don't think I can reject any offer or any opportunity to step out of my house and travel around!
The villas they offering are simply heavenly and I was sort of being lured by them!
I did some research on each of them and I think I should share with you guys.
My personal favourites are the Berembun House in Seremban and Cinnamon, Clove Hall Penang.
If I were to go to Clove Hall, I swear I'm gonna take TONS of photo at their pool side!
It's such a beautiful vintage bungalow, perfect for a weekend getaway! (and photoshoot :P)
Photo credits to Adrian Cheah | Origin

The Berembun House is another villa with breathtaking scenery which I couldn't resist!
Imagine having this private view and direct access to the pool.
There's nothing else I could ask for.

Photo credits to Fidgety Fingers | Origin
If I win I'll need to face another dilemma in deciding which villa to go!
But I'm happy with the dilemma anyways XD
*finger crossed*

This campaign runs from 2nd April to 30th April so there's still few days left till the closing date.
 Check out the campaign and who knows you might be one of the lucky ones?
Just make sure you keep 1 for me kay? ;)
Click HERE for the campaign site.

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