*Ignore my messy hair*
So I went to Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta again this year.
Planning to ride the hot air ballon, picnic at the picnic zone, take tons of photo till battery dies.
Guess what?
I'v done none of it :/
The organizer cut down the threaded hot air balloon from 5 to 3.
It used to be 300 tickets per day now its just 180 tickets per day and its school holiday so yea.
I don't want to let the kids down so I just left the queue.
The new picnic area was B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!
There was bean bag, food, live music performance and SUNLIGHT!
But it was really pricey, RM50 for 2 person just sit and eat in that area :O
Anyways the environment and setuo makes me feel like I'm back in Germany again!
Well I was kinda headache about what to wear the day before I went to Hot Air Balloon Fiesta.
Dig into my wardrobe and realized, OMG WHY I HAVE NO CLOTHES TO WEAR ONE?!
Struggled for hours to confirm what to wear -.-
Denim Top : from Taiwan
Spaghetti Strap : Kitchen
Floral Print Shorts : Aston Collection
Smir Nasli Bag : Foruchizu
Necklace : Foruchizu
Wire Headbank : The Curve
Shoes: Reebok
It's such a fun outdoor event, I just wanted to look cheerful and energetic.
At the same time I'm still afraid of sun burn so its better to go with a denim top.
Floral Print is always the perfect match for denim.
The fun part is always accessorizing!
The pink wire headband turns out so well in photos and the necklace makes the casual outfit not so casual already, I like it :P
Anyways, my friend (a guy) asked me what's wrong with my head though.
shades up!
This year wasn't that fun as compared to last year.
Part of it was because of the weather.
It was kinda hazy and I couldn't feel breeze at all even though it was just 7am. 
Hopefully the fiesta next year can be more successful and don't let me down anymore.
Well at least it still gave me a chance to doll up myself and take nice photos.
Thanks to my cutie pie photographer of the day Christy, muacks I love you ♥


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