Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet 2014 Haul ♡


Have you been to Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet at Syopz Mall Taylor's University?
It's my first time joining clothes buffet and I've already decided to come again next year!
By the way have you seen my instagram update about my haul from Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet?
If not... follow me now @aliceTAN0418 :P
I was feeling very lonely at first because the slot I picked was different from my ladies.
Didn't get to shop with them....until I bumped into Cindy and Elvina!
But first, let me take a selfie!
Cindy and Elvina was about to leave when I just reach, then I met Wiida at the queue!
Took a photo with her in her phone OMG SHE'S SUPER ADORABLE!
Seriously girls, its better to bring you girlfriend along and shop together.
You will need to help each other to zip your plastic bag especially when it's about to burst! LOL!
The buffet area was so spacious that you get to pick your clothes very easily.
You can purchase the zip bag from their counter at RM60.
All you need to do is just to move around and grab any clothes you want within 15 minutes, then stuff it into your zip bag without tearing it.
RM20 of penalty fee is applicable if your plastic bag is torn so be gentle ladies~
Don't forget to dress comfortably as you will need to run and squat and sweat ;)
After the buffet don't forget to drop by the Aussino Sales and also other vendors' booth!
OKAY, back to the main topic.
I actually uploaded a photo of my haul on instagram but if you would like to see it clearly, here it is!
Wiida and I actually took 10 minutes to pick our clothes and start stuffing our clothes when the MC announced that we have only 5 minutes left.
Slow and steady, we both get to stuff our clothes and zip it even before the time ends!
Try to grab 2 pieces of singlets or legging to stand by.
In case you still have very little space in your bag after squeezing all the clothes you want, then put them in ;)
I was very happy with my haul and the first thing I do when I reach home is to try them out!
If you think clothes buffet doesn't offer nice clothes, YOU ARE VERY WRONG :P
I was kind of impressed by the clothes they offer and I even had dilemma in choosing which clothes should I stuff in and which one to let go!
RULE 1, get a top or dress in case you worry that pants couldn't fit perfectly!
I fall in love with this dress at first glance because it's so casual and imagine matching it with white sneaker? ♡
RULE 2, if you see any clothes in very bright color, grab it!
I was attracted by the color of this mexi-dress and I just feel like going for a vacation!
RULE 3, if you see any special design and its elastic, don't think twice!
This is my most favorite look at the lace OMG!♡
I actually put it back to the tray at first because I thought I couldn't fit in it but I can't get rid of the design so grab it again and stuff in.
Luckily no one took it away hehe
RULE 4, never let go of the first item you picked!
Your first choice is always the safest choice!
I don't know what logic is this but I just think it sort of works because you tend to be more careful when you select the first dress, then you tend to get crazy and panic as the time goes by.
RULE 5, simple is the best!
I thought this will look very "aunty" but when you match it with right accessories it can be so elegant, or even very casual if you wear it with a short jeans :D
RULE 6, grab something easy to stuff to stand by!
Both the grey legging and long sleeve shirt was my last choice which is so soft, so easy to roll and stuff in! It's the basic and comfy item to occupied the very little spaces left in your zip bag!
After reading Angeline's post and I realized that their stocks differs everyday so maybe you can go again tomorrow if you haven't shop enough?
I really had so much fun at the clothes buffet~
Was so excited, nervous and satisfied at the same time.
Especially when I brag about how many clothes I actually stuff in and how pretty they are! LOL!
It can be a fun day out with your girlfriends so don't miss the chance!
Tomorrow is the last day of the Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet so just head to Syopz Mall Taylor's University from 10am-6pm and shop till drop!

Have fun!


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