Malaysia Largest Clothes Buffet is BACK!


If you're wondering if there's any typo with my title, no there's not!
A CLOTHES BUFFET is really happening on this 25th - 27th this April!
When my sister in Thailand saw my Instagram sharing about this clothes buffet she just can't stop asking me what is it about because it's so interesting!
Well in case you have not heard of it before, let me tell you what's gonna happen in this event ;)
 By paying a free of RM60, you will be given a ziplock bag where you can just grab anything you see in the buffet area and stuff in it within 15 minutes.
So what happens after that? 
As long as you can zip your bag, everything goes home with you! 
The highest record last year was 16 pieces in 1 ziplock bag!
So...who's up for the challenge?
Not to forget that there will be a BLOWOUT SALES from 4pm-6pm each of the three days!
Each piece of clothes will be on sale for RM10 only!
"Hey! There's must be super long queue right? I don't want to wait lahhhhh!"
Is that what's on your mind?
Well let me tell you some tips! *shhhhhh*
Head to Malaysia Clothes Buffet FB Apps and get your tickets prior to the event so when you reach the venue you can just walk in #likeaboss instead of queuing to get your tickets!
(imagine people went in earlier grab away all your favorite dress!!!)
Also, there will be a variety of vendors participating at the bazaar so you can keep shopping and never feel boring!
Did I miss out the event venue?! :P
It's at Syopz @ Taylor's University.
I'm pretty sure that as long as you get to Taylor's University it's not difficult for you to find Syopz as there will definitely be a massive crowd there hehe!
Want some sneak peak of what's gonna be in the buffer? Click HERE!
Okay now I need to get back to my practice on how to stuff clothes into ziplock bag.
Do say Hi to me if you see me there alright?
 but not within that critical 15 minutes lah ><

For more information, visit:
Malaysia Clothes Buffet Facebook
Malaysia Clothes Buffet Website


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