[Food Review] Bad Boy Cooks @ Setiawalk Puchong


Yes I compromised.
I've been trying so hard to diet but then.......
Anyways I think it's worth it though because I really had a nice dining experience at Bad Boy Cooks!
Bad Boy Cooks Real Food is actually a franchise and there is another outlet at Oasis Square.
I'm so glad that there is a new outlet at Setiawalk Puchong which is so so so near to my place!
I'm so gonna put it on top of my list for gathering and hang out with friends ;)
Bad Boy Cooks is an American style diner which offers very affordable dining experience for everyone.
#affordable #affordable #affordable
For every penny you spend here you will have no regrets, at all.
I actually like its interior design very much.
Simple yet attractive decoration, comfortable searing, nice lighting for us to selfie!
What more can you ask for? :D
Bad Boy Cooks is actually pork-free restaurant just that they're serving alcohol.
Without further ado, let's get into the food affair!
Iced Milk Tea | RM4
This milk tea reminds me of Taiwanese Milk Tea!
The tea aroma is not overpowering the milk and that's exactly how the milk tea in Taiwan taste like :D
Iced Lemon Tea | RM5
Bad Boy Cooks was previously having a promotion where you can get a free drink (Iced Lemon Tea/Iced Lemonade/Iced Green Tea) by just check-in at Bad Boy Cooks Setiawalk on Facebook.
Even though the promotion has ended, you can always get them at RM1 to go with your meal!
Iced Latte | RM6
As a coffee lover, I never miss an opportunity to taste coffee wherever I go!
The combination of coffee and milk was pretty balanced, like it!
Coffee (Refillable) | RM3
Bad Boy Cooks is using Arabica coffee bean.
It has strong aroma but then taste quite light, not so bitter after all.
It's refillable so why do you need to have coffee at fast food chain? ;)
Italian Tomato Soup | RM6
Vegetarian delight of tomatoes and herbs.
You can find sliced tomato, carrot, onions.
All the vegetables bring sweetness to the soup and don't worry its not too sour.
Bad Boy Wings | RM6
Famous spicy chili chicken wings.
If you prefer something spicy, you will like this.
Not to say its super hot and spicy but its of eatable spiciness.
What I like it that even though its coated with sauce, but the chicken wing is still so crispy!
yum yum!
Bad Boy Caesar | RM8
Classic romaine lettuce w/boiled egg, beef bacon & parmesan cheese.
Oh boy if I were to have this every meal I would have successfully cut down weight!
Of course need to take out the cheese first :P
The vegetables were so nicely coated with the salad dressing, neither too much nor too salty.

Al Funghi | RM9
Creamy assorted mushrooms.
I can hardly recall any pasta I had which cost less than RM10.
Of course this one we added beef bacon to it which cost extra RM3 and makes it RM12.
It was really creamy and a lot of mushrooms in it!
Add On Fish Baton | RM3 / Add On Grilled Chicken | RM4
If you're a big eater I would suggest you to order add on to go with your meal.
It's really worth it because you can't even get a grilled chicken at RM4 from night market and don't worry, the quality is still there!
Slaw Dog | RM9
Chicken sausage topped with wasabi coleslaw & cheddar cheese.
It changes your perception of hot dog right from the bun because it was so soft!
I didn't taste much wasabi in it, but the coleslaw was a bit too much for me hehehe.
Sloppy BB | RM13
Beef patty topped with double cheese & chilli beef.
I love the chili sauce covering the succulent beef patty.
It's just superb!
We added an extra beef patty for RM3.
Grilled Lamb | RM19
Grilled lamb shoulder slices marinated with garlic & spices served with mashed potato & coleslaw.
This is my best favorite!
Well marinated, doesn't smell, and its boneless.
Lamb was perfectly grilled, it's not raw but the meat is just so succulent!
Key point is eat it when its hot else it will be very difficult to chew on XD
Grilled Fish | RM12
Dory fish chargrilled with garlic butter and herbs.
It's supposed to come with coleslaw and cutfries but we're just too full to have the side dishes.
Bad Boy Madness | RM19
It's really M.A.D!
There's cookies, ice-cream, chocolate chips, brownie, banana, whipped cream!
OMG the combination is heavenly!
Can see it's almost as big as my face wehhh!
There were 3 of us and we couldn't really finish this portion.
I guess if you have this after meal, it probably serves 4-5 person.
If you're empty stomach then.....I don't know hahahaha!
All right, that's all I had in just 1 meal.
Do you think that their food is reasonably priced?
No! I think it's cheap :P
It's been my 4th year here in Sunway and even the western food at food court cost more than these.
Even though their food is affordable yet they never compromise their food quality.
That's why I really highly recommend it everyone.
I went back to Bad Boy Cooks at Setiawalk 2 times already since I was invited for the food review.
All the friends I brought with me went back as well, so you know lah ;)

Overall, I would rate Bad Boy Cooks at Setiawalk Puchong:

Bad Boy Cooks Setiawalk

B10-G, Block B, Setiawalk, 
Persiaran Wawasan, Pusat Bandar Puchong, 
47160 Puchong, Selangor.
Operating Hours: 
Mon - Sun: 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Phone Number:
03-5891 1206

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  1. Holy! The chicken wings look soooooooooo yummy!!

    1. Indeed!
      I think I can have at least 5 of them at one shot! *drooling*