[Review] Miss Hana Eyeliner Pencil


Ola people!
I just realized that it's my first attempt to review Cosmetic!
Oh my oh my I'm so proud that my "First Time" is given to Miss Hana! ♡
By the way, last week was quite hectic for me that I can't even squeeze out some time for my blog.
(Sorry my baby blog, it's mama's fault ya :P)
I guess some of you might know that I'm a huge fan of Taiwan since young!
Taiwan is my dream land and I've been stalking Taiwanese blogger since I was...12?
I'm certainly no stranger to Miss Hana as it's the favorite brand among all the ladies in Taiwan!
Thanks to Natta Cosme, I've got Miss Hana Eyeliner Pencil (RM34.90, now RM24.90) in Black and Choco Brown for review purpose.
Honestly,I would die for Miss Hana's product packaging!
It looks so elegant and cute and....it's in PINK! ♡♡♡
Well who doesn't love pink??
Okay okay I know some of you don't hehe
Miss Hana is loved by many because it's a high quality product yet selling at a very affordable price.
Lovely isn't?
The eyeliner pencil comes with a cap but I forgot to take the photo of it. Oopps!
You will need to sharpen it when it is blunt, that's a bit inconvenient.
On the other hand, you don't need to worry that the pencil cartridge is too long and easily broken.
Miss Hana's eyeliner is extremely pigmented and glides on smoothly on my skin!
It's suitable for beginner as it's easy to control.
I've been searching for a natural dark brown eyeliner and this is what I want.
It's darker as compared to other brands.
The black eyeliner is also dark enough to create a statement eyeliner.
Let's see how it perform in terms of Water Proof and Smudge Proof!
I placed my hand under a running tap water guess how will it turn out to be?
Nothing being affected! It's still that pretty and flawless :D
Water proof, CHECK!
Let's smudge it hard and see if it can last still even if we rub our eyes!
(rubing eyes is a bad habit though)
Wookay, smudge proof CHECK!
Since it's so long-lasting, will it be very difficult to remove?
I'm using my Loreal Lip and Eye Remover in this case.
Tadaang! 80% of the line gone with just 1 rub.
Hmmm, it can be easily removed so you don't have to worry kay it's not like marker pen ;)

One of the reason I like BROWN eyeliner pencil is that it makes my makeup looks more natural.
Perfect for day time look!
It makes me look more presentable and energetic yet it's subtle and soft, doesn't scare people off!
Just to show you how I normally do my simple 5 minutes day makeup.
I just apply a light brown eye shadow with no glitters as base to cover my tiny blood vessels on eyelid.
Then draw a eyeliner by extending it outwards without winging it using Miss Hana Eyeliner Pencil in #03 Choco Brown to brighten up my eyes.
I would prefer brown mascara because it's really soft and compliments the brown eyeliner very well.
That's all!
Simple right?
Now let me show you my night time look using Miss Hana's eyeliner pencil in #01 Night Black!
I actually love winged eyeliner very much as it looks so cool and so Korean :P
Can you see the difference?
I'm very lazy person so even I'm hanging out with friends at night I try to simplified my makeup too.
A base color to cover up blood vessels is still needed as I don't want the greenish-red to spoil my look!
Then I applied a darker brown to lengthen my eyes and create a deeper look on my eyelid.
It's a must do step otherwise my friends would ask me not to walk with eyes closed.
(I didn't okay -.-)
Lastly, just lightly tap some gold eye shadow in the middle of my eyelid and lower eyelid, done.
Is there anything missing?
Of course I'll need Miss Hana's Eyeliner Pencil to create a statement eyeliner to complete the look!
Now that's the look I want!
A bit sexy and cool and elegant and whatsoever lah I just like it HAHAHA
Eyeliner pencil is really a MUST HAVE item in my make up pouch and I bring it wit me all the time!
Just a simple eyeliner can change the entire look and compliments my outfit as well.
Would especially recommend beginners to get Miss Hana's Eyeliner Pencil.
It's affordable so you can practice more without burning your pockets!
If you're like me that needs eyeliner basically everyday then you'll probably understand the feeling :P
It's also very easy to control and doesn't smudge easily.
Suitable for inner eyeliner as well.
Overall, I would rate this...
Get your hands on Miss Hana's Eyeliner Pencil from HERE and start creating your own day time & night time look! ;)

Oh ya, don't forget to apply code "MISSHANA" to get RM5 off your purchase!
*valid until 15th May 2014*

For more information, visit:
Natte Cosme Website


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  1. You look like a Japanese movie star lah! :)

    1. Really? I'm so happy to hear that haha!
      Which movie star do I look like? :P