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Ola everyone!
Today I'm going to introduce you a very new brand that I've just met not long ago, LC Derma.
LC Derma is our very own Malaysia made skin care range that has no preservative in all its product.
All thanks to HiShop, I was invited to HiShop X LC Derma Blogger Workshop which was held in Aloft.
LC Derma was very thoughtful in selecting event venue because the WXYZ bar in Aloft Hotel has natural sunlight that penetrates through, perfect for all our photos!
LC Derma is the first skin care regime in Asia using the PhytoCellTec (TM) Symphytum. 
Liposome system is used in its product for better and effective penetrative for external skins.
To celebrate the collaboration between LC Derma and HiShop, they have prepared this lovely HiShop cake which catches all our attention!
All girls went crazy and can't stop ourselves from taking photos of it!
Benson Wong, the director of LC Derma was there with us that afternoon to help us better understand LC Derma and the concept behind it.
LC Derma offers the full range of skincare that caters for every step if your skin care routine.
This facial cleanser is very mild, gentle and non-irritating to skin or eye. It is gentle removes surface impurities, dirts, excess oils and it is washes off easily. It formulate with mild and moisturizing ingredients that is kind to our skin.
Its very gentle to my skin and not over-drying.
I can't make much bubbles with the facial wash so you might need a foam maker to go with it.
This unique skin activator mist is not only going to make the person appear younger, it is also going to keep your skin as healthy as possible and improves the skin conditions. A new formulation oil-free solution is non-drying to the skin and enriched with the actives ingredients that are kind to your skin.
The molecules is quite small that you don't have to tap it for your skin to absorb.
Just spray it and leave it on your face, it will absorb very fast.
This is LC Derma's best selling product which they claim it gives an instant botox feeling to your face!
Well I can my face is lifted after applying the mist.
I have to salute to LC Derma because they even offer 4 different serum for different skin type!
With daily use of this specially designed non-greasy moisturizing serum, it helps to soften your skin, toning the skin from dryness and keep your skin smoother. Immediate moisturizing effect with a long term & sustained hydration belongs to you!
It is light, readily absorbed to help, protect and nourish the skin. With daily use of this Stem Cell Lumino whitening serum, an even, balanced skin tone is restored as skin is left bright and radiant! Your skin stays softer, moisturize, visibly white and younger looking.
The key active ingredient is derived from the combination of two super-leaves that contains tannins to protect oily and acne-prone skin. This environmentally responsible 
ingredient helps to reduce inflammation by limiting sebum oxidation and thus control sebum production. This serum is an idea daily touch to keep your pores clean and clear. The skin is less oily, resulting in skin that appears fresher, smoother and more radiant. 
First aid for problem / aging skin! Skin is irritated by many factors : intrinsic / extrinsic factors. Effect from the environmental influences surrounding it : changes in temperature, over exposure to sun which will cause your skin turn to premature skin / sensitive skin / problem skin. 
Their texture was actually quite the same, very light and not burdening.
To be honest, I found their products do not have nice smell.
In a way its good because there's no preservative and artificial fragrance in it, suitable for sensitive skin
Specially formulated multifunctional CC Cream helps to even out skin tone for perfect radiant skin. Its rich and non-greasy texture is suitable for all skin types. It provides soothing, comfortable and hydrated all day long.
This CC cream is a little oily for me because I prefer something really light.
It can last on my face for about 4 hours before I feel the greasiness on my face.
CC stands for color corrector, so it actually helps correct the skin tone and make you look brighter.
Overall I was quite impressed with LC Derma's product but I wondered why there's no moisturizer cream so I asked Benson about this.
Benson said that there's no need to apply moisturizer or cream after their serum because it is sufficient to take care of our skin already.
HEHEHE I actually got the lipstick from the cake for selfie purpose!
Not nice to eat :P
Met Jessy from Jessy The KL Chic in the event and took our first photo together!
Selfie with Fibiee and Kelly!
Lastly a photo with Chocky and Mabel from HiShop!
I was using LC Derma's product for the past few weeks.
(Stem Cell Facial Wash + Lipocue Turnaround Mist +Moisturizing Serum)
My skin complexion has improved, more even skin tone and my skin turns out to be more moisturized.
If you're interested to get your hands on LC Derma's product, head to HiShop website to grab them!
Key in "LCDERMA" discount code for RM20 disocunt off your purchase.
*for purchase above RM99, valid till 30 April 2014*

For more information, visit:
LC Derma Facebook:
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