[Food] Dong Seoul @ Segamat


I don't know why but I feel awkward for reviewing the food in my hometown :P
Anyways, the hot topic this year for my Chinese New Year back at hometown is...
"Have you tried the Korean cuisine?"
It might sounds weird for you all but come on, Korean cuisine is a big hit in my place! LOL!
My family LOVES food!
Of course my mum wouldn't miss this "korean cuisine wave" and so we went to check it out! ;)
Now only I realized I didn't take photos of the layout, perhaps I was too hungry for food.
We need to queue to get seated, yes, it was FULL HOUSE.
Guess it was because of CNY?
Dong Seoul is actually a franchise, they have outlets in Muar, Kluang and some other places.
(but not KL)
I actually looking forward to their ban can but was kinda disappointed when I just got 6 of them :/
Not even a kimchi!! OMO :/
#1 Dokbukki (RM20)
It's been quite some time since I last had Korean Cuisine so first thing to order, Dokbukki!
It tastes differently as the sauce taste more seafood-like.
No eggs added in this dukbukki.
I used to had dokbukki in other restaurant and taste sweeter.
This is less sweet, I like it, but still no eggs :/
#2 Sweet Glass Noddle with Various Vegetables (RM20)
The glass noodle is thicker than the one that we Chinese normally cook.
Noodle is bouncy, juicy and tasty because of the amount of vege in it!
#3 Korea Traditional Noodle (RM20)
 Didn't even get to taste this because my brother simply gulp it immediately after he pose for me!
#4 Clam BBQ (RM30)
This clam BBQ was a disappointment.
I think the staff didn't serve it on time that's why it was a little overcooked, I was like chewing on a rubber. I couldn't taste much about the sauce and cheese.
#4 Seafood Steamboat (RM45)
This is great because of the unlimited soup refill :P
See the huge octopus there? I like it!
It was not spicy and very good to go with rice!
When I see the lettuce, my BBQ mood automatically switched on!
Glad that their vege are fresh!
#5 Beef Sirloin (RM60)
It was meant for 2 person, extremely small portion but cost you a bomb!
I don't eat beef that day so no comment on this :P
#6 Pork Neck Slice (RM28)
Here's 3 sets of pork neck slice for 6 person.
I personally like pork neck slice because they are more chewy and less fat. My cousin didn't like it because she think it was too hard for her to chew on. She likes pork belly that can melt in her mouth.
It is very important for the stuff to keep an eye on the BBQ meat.
I wondered why the stuff removed the charcoal for BBQ before the meat was fully cooked?
Perhaps the remaining temperate will keep it cooking?
#7 Pork Belly Slice in Hot & Spicy Sauce (RM28)
This is the not spicy at all spicy sauce.
I'm thinking about spicy pork belly so it makes me down :/
Hmmm, pork belly is great!
Especially when it is perfectly cooked, tendered and succulent!
No more pork neck for the next time!
#9 Seol Jung Mae (RM40)
Korean meal is never complete without a wine!
Seol Jung Mae is a plum wine which taste quite sweet, ladies love it but my bro and dad don't like it.
It's too sweet for them and they prefer Soju instead.
#10 Bokboonja (RM45)
Raspberry wine which taste exactly like normal red wine just that it is more sweet.
Nothing to shout about, some more it's the most expensive wine among all.
Might as well just order Soju.
Conclusion, Soju is the best.
( sounds like I'm alcoholic LOL!)
We were given a MEMBER CARD where it entitles us 10% discount for our next visit onward.
They do charge 10% service charge so the member card basically just to offset the extra charges.
Taste wise, I bet there are people who like Korean Cuisine and also people who doesn't.
It's all depends on your preference.
My only concern is that it's PRICEY.
KL pricing in a small town, wonder if people can actually accept it?
Anyways, it's good that we have more variety now as compared to last time.
Hopefully more and more business will be coming to our place and spoil us with choices XD

Dong Seoul Segamat
No. 11, Jalan Utama 3/2, Pusat Komersial Sri Utama, Segamat, 85000
Tel. No : 07-931 2717


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  1. So they're selling pork as well. I was thought to have a try at the franchise in Kluang but what a disappointment it's non halal.

  2. Hai Alice, I'm from Segamat too.. Nice review :)