Eat Laugh Sleep Penang Trip with Uni Buddy Day 3 ☁


The only thing that I wanted to do in Penang is STREET ART HUNTING!
I couldn't hide my excitement and I get super hyper whenever we discuss about Penang street art!
However, my buddies still managed to calm me down so we had a proper breakfast before the hunt.
We went to Lorong Amoy in search of the famous Koay Teow Soup but we went to the wrong shop.
This is the shop we went but the one that we aimed to go was on the opposite.
Anyways the owner of this stall is no longer operating because he told us he's moving to KL soon.
We had a nice chat with the stall owner and frankly speaking his koay teow soup is nothing special lah.
But, but, I still feel great having something hot and soupy to fill up my empty stomach early morning.
Of course in Penang we're still looking for something traditional and old fashion.
So we ordered some eggs and french toast, also the Kopi Ice :D
Such a wonderful combination!
The place we had our breakfast was actually in Penang town and very near to the street arts locations.
We just drove to somewhere nearer, parked our car and start walking!
I didn't know where did my buddies get this map but it does help us in our street art hunting.
You can also refer to this site for more detailed map as well as the explanation of some of the street art.
Alright, here we go!
#1 Wedding Couple Portrait
Okay I know this is a couple thing.
We're not gonna miss this haha!
#2 Toy Museum
It's kind of interesting when we discovered this toy museum.
Feel like paying a visit but then it's charging entrance fee, and we don't have time so just pass by only.
#3 Cannon Hole
Owh come on, don't be pissed, you have cute nose :P
#4 Reaching Up
You know what I'm gonna do! ngek ngek ngek!
#5 Owl Shop
I'm a typical tourist who gets excited with almost everything!
I headed into this Owl Shop without second thought because the things they sell are so adorable!
Brought one of these owl back for my sister and she likes it very much!
(then she got me another key chain like this during her graduation trip,LOL!)
They are also selling some expensive sculpture as well where I don't even dare to touch.
once broken considered sold!
You can consider to get some souvenirs here since they are so many choices and the price is quite ok!
Happy girl with happy smile :)
#6 The Kids
#7 Lion Dance
I would say we were quite lucky because we get to meet this young artist halfway completing his art.
#8 Living Story
Another souvenir shop which I really like!
My buddies cannot afford to let me spend time in souvenir shop again.
They just drag me along and walk ahead.
#9 Pot in the shoe!
Salute to their creativity!
#10 Little Children on a Bicycle
#11 Stories about George Town
Okay I got to admit that we're a bit too much.
But it's quite fun though taking funny photos that makes our friends laugh non-stop!
#12 Zakka feel postbox
#13 Boy on a Bike
Trying to act as if he is giving me a ride but fail LOL!
#14 The Cats
This is EPIC!
Like I'm really touching the cat!
#15 Random Shop
How nice if all the shops in Malaysia are well decorated like this huh?
#16 Floor Art
By the time we leave Penang town, the young artist was still there completing his art.
Luckily there was a roof to cover the sun for him or else he will soon become dried meat XD
Well as you may have seen, I actually randomly named the street art I discovered.
Some are the real names, some I just fake it up myself :P
We only have about 4-5 hours for street art hunting so we tried our best to see what we can see.
I would suggest you to start since morning till evening to complete all the destinations.
You can also rent a bike which I think would be much more interesting because it's really tired to walk.

That marks the end of our journey to Penang.
It was fun and memorable to all of us, I guess.
Hopefully we get to travel like that again, have fun, learn and experience together.
This time round, I hope it will not be a farewell trip again.


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  1. Cool! You went to the heritage sites! :D
    The last time I went Penang I went with a tour so I only saw it passing by in the bus, it was no fun! :(
    I hope to visit it again :D

    1. Hi Hanie!
      Well sometimes travel tour save you hustle and my mum loves that! :P
      It's never too late to visit Penang coz I guess there are much more places for us to explore now!
      I wish to go again too, stay longer at the beach and go to their extreme park for some fun! :D