[Tutorial] How to buy TT Mask online and Collect from Convenient Store in Taiwan!


I have been receiving emails & questions from many readers recently regarding the Timeless Truth Mask I bought from Taiwan last August.
I've calculated how many masks I bought and it's like...220++ pieces of them!!
Of course I didn't use it all.
I gave some to my sister and aunty in Thailand, and some as souvenirs to my friends!
Taiwan is definitely a shopping heaven for ladies and I wouldn't visit it again until I have enough saving to shop till drop! :D

I didn't expect to have even receive feedback from my readers and your email makes me so HAPPY!♥
I would love to share whatever knowledge I have with all of you..
So today I'm gonna teach you HOW TO PURCHASE TT MASK online and collect it from convenient stores in Taiwan!
The first thing you will need to do is head to their website: www.ttmask.com and sign up!
If you can't read Chinese, you might need someone who can read to help you out.
(I'll explain why later)
Just fill up the details required (email & password), send it out and you're good to go!
Select the word "購物" which means shopping, will lead you to their product page.
Now you can select the range of products you are looking at.
They have categorized their masks and skincare according to the functions (eg: moisturizing, whitening, anti-aging) respectively.
All you need to do is to add the products you want into your shopping cart. 
When you're done with your shopping, move your mouse to the shopping cart on top of the page, then click the "結帳" button to check out.
Since you're not gonna see the products until you pick them up from the convenient store once you reach Taiwan, make sure you double check the items you want.
Also, do not forget to click “面膜申请试用”as it allows you to try out FREE SAMPLE!! *wink wink*
Then key in any promotion code you've got for discount.
(will show you how to get promotion code later as well)
Click "下一步" for next page.
The website will the lead you to fill up "Recipient Details" and also your desired payment method.
It might be a little complicated here so bear with me! :)
First of all you must select the wording "超商取件(OK,萊爾福,全家)" for the convenient store pick up service!
At the space where you need to fill up your name, remember to put your FULL NAME!
You will need to show your passport/IC to claim your parcel later at the convenient store.
*sometimes it will automatically fill in your display name so you need to change it *
Next, select the payment method which is by Visa/Master that I chose last time.
(TT Mask does not accept COD payment method for convenient store collection.)
Lastly, click the box I highlighted and labeled with step 3 "超商取货".
A pop up window that links to EZShip website will show.
EZShip is a retail delivery system where customer get to shop online and pick up their goods at any desired convenient stores across Taiwan.
Taiwan has very high intensity of convenient stores and they operate 24/7 so you get to pick up your goods at your convenience.
Its very easy to find your desired convenient store as it was well categorized following by 
1.state--> 2.district --> 3.street --> 4.store
Select the convenient store you want to collect your mask that's nearby to your hotel.
In this case, I picked the Family Mart in Taipei 101 which is a MUST VISIT place for tourist!
You can choose according to my example here if you're not sure where you're going to stay.
There's a name to every convenient store so you can double check with TT Mask FB Admin and see if this place is near to your hotel/the place you are going to visit.
OK you're done with choosing the collection store, click “下一步”(next) to proceed with payment.
Just double check if the store you selected is the one that appears on the page!
As for payment, just fill up the details like we normally did for online purchase. 
So sorry my tutorial is just until here because I didn't make the payment this time.
After the payment everything is done and you'll receive confirmation with reference number.
What I did was I message the reference number to TT Mask FB Page Admin and notify them the date I'm going to collect the parcel so they can get it delivered before the date I decided.
Also, you can ask for more samples :P

Alright, after the long long tutorial, explanation time!

"Why should I get someone who can read Chinese to assist me?"
Take a look at my screenshot, did you notice any difference?
The collagen mask is selling at NT120 for Chinese version but NT360 for English version.

Chill laaa~
They didn't cheat okayyyy~

English version is from Europe country, so the formula is different thus the price differ.
(Malaysia version has different formula too!)

"So should I buy the English version or Chinese version?"
It actually depends on what you want.
I personally purchased the Taiwan version since its cheap, original formula and I think it will suit Asian people more.
"How can I get the discount code? ;) "
One of the reason why I LOVE TT Mask Taiwan is that they are extremely generous!
By writing reviews on their website, you are entitled to enjoy NT100 discount upon your purchase!
I forgot how but I received NT200 discount last time if not mistaken :P
"How to write the reviews?"
Just choose a product you tried before, scroll to the end of the page, click
"發表評論" and start writing.
Easy no? :P
Their team will email you the discount code and just key in the code when you check out your shopping cart!
Huuuuuu! That's everything I know about the purchase!
Anyways, I would suggest you to PM their FB Admin as they are very very friendly and helpful!
If there's any doubts, don't hesitate to pm them, they will sort it out for you!
Of course, you can email me still I'll try my best to answer you :)

I wonder when will it be my next visit to Taiwan but I'm sure I'm gonna make it an amazing one!
*Travel blogger wannabe! hehehe*
Guess its time to blog about my Taiwan trip..?
*wink wink*
Stay tuned!


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  1. Thanks for sharing! Besides mask, book also can collect from Convenient Store in Taiwan.
    Hope can try it during Taiwan trip :)

    1. Thanks for reading! :)
      Yes can get almost everything online and collect it from the convenient store!
      It makes me feel so "Taiwanese" when I get to use this service! :D

  2. Hi Alice,
    Great articles to read about Taiwan. How long does it take to ship the TT mask and other stuff to convenient store?


    1. Hi dear, sorry for my late reply.
      It actually depends on TT Mask Taiwan.
      Basically it's within 7 days or less than that ;)