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Final year is no kidding T.T
So far there's no assignments yet but I can feel the stress is eroding me T^T
Not only that, holding a Vice President post in my club has taken up 1/3 of my free time so stay up late everyday and eventually transform into a panda is already expected.
I just can't hide my excitement every time when I receive a parcel from HiShop!
I just love the all beauty surprises they gave me! ♥
This time round I was given a box (10 sachets) of Ruby Aura Radiant-Perfection Collagen Drink.
( 12g x 10 sachets for RM72 ) 
Honestly, I am willing to try anything be it skin care or supplement that could makes me look pretty. 
I know some of you might be concerned about trying new products especially those supplement that goes in to your mouth and absorb by your body.
No worries, I'm willing to be the genie pig for you all :P
Ruby Aura is the 1st Brightening Collagen Drink that defines a Whitening Injection treatment.
(pssstt...!! It's the No.1 BEST SELLER in KOREA!)
The benefits that Ruby Aura could brings included:
Antioxidant and anti-ageing; Rejuvenate skin.
 Increases skin hydration; Restore skin moisture balances.
 Improve your skin’s brightness and radiance.
 Reduce free radical; Restore youthfulness.
 Increase skin elasticity; Reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
 Lighten skin pigmentation; Flawless White.
Ruby Aura is in powder sachets, easy for you to bring along On-The-Go!
There are 10 amazing key ingredients in it to help improve our overall beauty.
The strawberry & peach fruit powder not only give it a delicious taste,it also provides high dose of vitamin C whereby strawberry alone contains 136% of recommended daily dose of vitamin C and peach is the "King of Vitamin C".
Vitamin C is essential to the formation of collagen!
Collagen peptide-Optima® Hydrolyzed has average molecule weight of 0.5kDais which allows more efficient gastrointestinal. Red beet powder is known as “the root of life” in Britain’s traditional medical.
Grape seed extract's anti-oxidant power is 20 to 50 times stronger than vitamin E and vitamin C and the Tomato extract (lycopene) is the strongest anti-Oxidant found in flora. Pomegranate extract has ORAC value 10,500 and the Litchi seed extract can inhibit collagenase (degradation of collagen), elastase and hyaluronidase and the Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) promotes collagen formation and the iron absorption, participates in the REDOX reaction in the body, is an indispensable nutrition of body.
Astabio® (astaxanthin) helps in prevention of cardiovascular disease. 
Simply mix 1 sachet of Ruby Aura with 100ml of room temperate water.
It melts very quickly so don't worry!
Take 2 sachets daily, before your breakfast and before sleep for best results.
Taste wise, there's no fishy taste at all!
I love the combination of peach and strawberry but all I can taste is mainly the peach.
It's quite SWEET so if you prefer something sour or not sweet this might be to sweet for your liking. 
Result wise, here's a before and after photo for you to compare.
Please bear with my poor skin condition :P
I wonder why my skin had a quite serious breakout last few weeks!
There's acne scars left on my face sobssss!
 Not only that my acne scars recover faster than usual *all thanks to vitamin C*
I observed improved radiance on my face!
I even double check with my friends by asking them whether they see any changes or not! ;)
Also, the fine lines around my eyes area has significantly reduced and became so much plumped!
All these were seen after consuming Ruby Aura for only....5 days!
The result is fast and amazing, and the price is lovely!
HiShop is currently having promotion for Ruby Aura , check this link out:

On top of that, you can get a RM20 rebate with a minumum purchase of RM99 on HiShop and the magic word is.......
(valid till 15 March 2014)

For more information, visit:
HiShop Website
HiShop Facebook

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  1. Congratulations on the article. wanted to raise an issue:

    Add a great antioxidant rich anti aging deal with cream to this diet along with your skin is bound to look stronger and younger. Remember, collagen creams will moisturize tend to be not ideal for wrinkle lowering due to the large molecules. Antioxidant rich creams will minimize dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles and also reduce inflammation
    Add a great antioxidant rich anti aging deal with cream to this diet along with your skin is bound to look stronger and younger