[Beauty Review] Neuzell Juvenescence 3 in 1 Serum, Mask & Exfoliant


Good day people!
I have been neglecting my blog for quite some time due to CNY preparation.
Its the first time that I realized CNY is so so so so so busy for every mums!
 Been helping out my mum throughout and it's exhausting!
Finally have some time for my own so I quickly on my lappie and start writing.
My way of releasing stress :)
I received this adorable pink box few weeks ago from HiShop!
There's a bubble-wrapped sample-sized Neuzell Juvenescence (Serum) in it.
Neuzell is a very new brand to me and they are offering quite high-end products.
The Brand
Neuzell is Switzerland's No.1 Skincare for Young & Beautiful Skin.Originated from a place with magnificent Alps Mountains, natural resources and epitome of natural beauty, Switzerland is the birthplace of NEUZELL who seek to produce unparalleled effective products to fulfill mankind’s desire of staying young and healthy. 
NEUZELL, means young and fresh new cells in German, is a company advocating anti-ageing process through advanced cellular therapy. Combining the latest technological and scientific advances from Swiss Scientist, Neuzell Suisse Laboratoire has garnered more than a decade of collective research to develop diversify innovative products.
Neuzell Juvenescence (RM398/50ml)  is a 3 in 1 serum, mask and exfoliant. Now there's no need to have so many different bottles on our makeup table that sometimes we don't even remember which is which and what is it for.
All the 8 benefits that Neuzell Juvenescnece provides makes it a perfect bottle for anti-aging care. By synergizing Swiss Alps Phytocell and Telco Enhancing Technology, it helps to protect the DNA and stimulate the functionality of self-renewal in our skin stem cell.
Even though it came in a 5ml sample size, they did pay great attention on the packaging. The plastic bottle is very solid and the pump makes it easier for me to use it.
As I mentioned, this Neuzell Juvenescence is a 3 in 1 serum, mask and exfoliant. 3 different ways of using it which serves 3 different purpose. How convenient!
I love the texture as it is not too thick, gel-like and glides on smoothly on my skin. It didn't burden the skin and absorb very very very fast. To me, it smells like the.....homemade rice wine! Quite strong alcohol scent!
Take a look at my terrible bare face! Hate the pimples on my chin that ruined my CNY :/
It's real bare face except for my eye brows :P
I think the fastest way to see the effectiveness of Neuzell Juvenescence is to use it as mask. However, exfoliate is a very important step. Without exfoliate, no matter how expensive or how good is the skin care you use, the absorption of the product will be minimize, ended up wasted the time and effort you spent to take care of your skin. 
I started of by taking 10 pumps of the content to exfoliates my skin. Since it absorb super fast, 10 pumps is not enough for my face. I ended up using 20 pumps plus some water (you need to moisten your face before you exfoliate) to massage it over my face. Maybe 10 pumps of a full sized product is just nice.
I massaged the Juvenescence all over my face in circular motion for 10 minutes then rise it off with warm water.
Can see a brighter skin tone and feel a softer skin texture.
As for mask, applied the same amount that you used for exfoliant and leave it for 10-20 minutes. I waited for only 15 minutes because I had slighly tingling feeling over my cheek bone. I noticed some rashes on the tingling area after rinsing off the mask but it disappears after a while. 
Update on 8/2: Well there's probably wound on my face that is not visible, that's why I could feel the tingling on my cheek bone area. The next day I could see drying red patches. The serum is probably too saturated and my skin is too thin to handle it. Anyway, the results might differ on different skin so just remember to remove it if you have the same tingling feeling too like I experienced. :)
There's not much visible changes on my skin after the mask so I got my skin tested with the skin detector.
Well, the figures speak. 
It boost my skin moisture level and oiliness decreased.
I have dry combination skin and it is too dry for me because I could feel my skin became very tight after rinsing off the serum. Would recommend this for combination to oily skin user. As for dry skin, you might need to make sure you have a very hydrating moisturizer. 
Neuzell Juvenescence is considered as a premium skin care. It's made in Switzerland and the SWISS ALPS BOTANICAL STEM CELL they used in the product won the Innovation Prize 2008 for Best Active Ingredient in Europe. On top of that, the TELOMAX technology also won the Nobel Prize in Physiology & Medicine 2009. With all the recognition and positive testimonial they have got, I think it is worth trying out if you're looking for an anti-aging serum that helps improve cell-renewal ability that immediately affects the wrinkles, pigmentation and saggy skin formation.

Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆

Some special discount? ;)
Quote "NEUZELL14" when you check out to enjoy exclusive RM20 rebate from HiShop!
*With minimum purchase of RM99, valid till 28 February 2014

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Neuzell Website: www.neuzell.com
Neuzell Malaysia Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NEUZELLSUISSE
HiShop Website: http://www.hishop.my

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