I'm ready to stock up on Biore Mild Cleansing Liquid! Madly in love with it! ♥


I've been following some Taiwanese blogger for years..
It's very common to see Biore's make up remover in their "MUST GET" list..
However, I always get disappointed every time when I try to look for them in Guardian or Watson because they are not available in Malaysia. T.T
Few weeks ago when I was doing window shopping at Watson in my hometown, I found this Biore Mild Cleasning Liquid on the shelf and I immediately brought it to the cashier without second thought!
I've noticed that all the make up remover of Biore, be it oil remover or mild cleansing liquid has a plastic cap to lock the pump. I don't need to worry if I accidentally spill the content in my luggage when I travel anymore! Thumbs up!
The mild cleansing liquid claims that it can remove even waterproof makeup!
Yes no? Keep on reading to find out :)
It has a transparent serum-like texture which glides on smoothly.
Very comfortable scent and doesn't feel greasy at all.

 Here's my makeup and list of products I used:
BB Cream: Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream
Eyebrow: Cyber Color 24 Hr Eyebrow Pen
Eyeliner: Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Perfect Liquid Eyeliner
Mascara: Maybelline Rocket Volum' Express
Eye shadow: Maybelline Color Tattoo/Naked Palette 2
Blusher: Skin Food
Lips: Yadah Milky Lip Tint 
Let's put it to test! 
 2-3 pumps of the remover is all you need to remove the makeup of your entire face.
 Gently massage in circular motion to dissolve the makeup.
I will start with removing the eyes makeup which is WATERPROOF.
Just be patient and massage it for a longer time if you think your mascara is still there!
My fake eye lashes drops after a few circular motion.
Removing fake lashes glue, PASS!
 It's so gentle that I can actually open my eyes while cleansing without feeling any harshness or irritating. I'm trying to remove my eyeliner and mascara that stuck near my inner eyelid.
There is no need to use a cotton in removing your make up. I did this just to show you guys how the remover works. You can just wash your face immediately after massaging. 
 Tadang~~! All my eye make ups are on the cotton now :D
Removing waterproof makeup, PASS!
 Usually I just put the remover all over face, massage them in circular motion, then rinse it off with water. It's that simple!
If there's still some lip stain or mascara left, I'll use another pump to clean them off.
I didn't feel greasy after rising off the cleansing liquid with water.
Removing foundation/BB cream, PASS!
Then, I'll wash my face again with my foam cleanser.
 The Mild Cleansing Liquid removed all my make ups including the waterproof ones without leaving my skin over drying because it claims to have moisturizing essence in it.
My skin feel so smooth and moisturized after removing my make ups.
After cleansing just follow your normal skin care routine and you're good to go!
 I got this 230ml mild cleansing liquid for RM22++ from Watson when it's on 15% sales.
What a deal?! ♥
I can't stop recommend this mild cleansing liquid to all my friends and family!
Definitely will stock up on this if there's any sales!
Guess you can really feel my love towards this product right? HAHAHA
That's all for today, hope you enjoy reading!

Where to get?
Guardian, Watsons, AEON Wellness, Caring & Sasa outlets .

For more information:


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