Eat Laugh Sleep Penang Trip with Uni Buddy Day 1 ☁


Penang is such a food paradise!
It's even awesome when you get to travel where with bunch of crazy mates!
I have been delaying this post for quite some time, but every time when I look back to the photos we took, it makes me feel like travel to Penang again!
If anyone of you planning to go with your friends and families, maybe you can cross check your plan with ours and see if there's any place you would like to check it out too ;)
This trip was about food hunting, and bonding since few of our mates were leaving to Australia.
Our first destination once we reached was the famous Lorong Selamat Char Kway Teow!
I know nothing about Penang since the last time I've been there I was just 12 years old, no kidding!
Since our friend brought us here, we just sit down and eat. LOL
Well you can see it's PRICEY and does the Char Kway Teow worth the price we're paying?
We asked for large portion and we need to pay for the extra shrimp too so it cost us RM10.
I would say, the shrimp was fresh and juicy! However, to me, the char kway teow was so so only.
That afternoon was extremely hot and we need something to cold us down.
It's definitely gonna be ICE KACANG!
I would say I like it because of the scoop of ice-cream on top of it!
Naahhh I'm just kidding :P
I didn't know how to differentiate a good kacang from a bad one, but I think it's worth paying for this and you should have one if you come by!
There was one aunty asking us if we want to order Wu Xiang (some people call it LOBAK, it's actually some fried fish cakes, yam cakes and stuff), boyfie told me that aunty was very pity so he ordered from her. The food was DISAPPOINTING and I don't think I need to elaborate. LOL!
The next thing we must have in Penang is O-Chien! (Fried Oyster)
The O-chien wasn't so impressive like the one I had in Tanjung Sepat but at least the oyster was fresh.
Lorong Selamat Char Kway Teow
84, Lorong Selamat, P.Pinang
Operation Hour: 12pm-6pm daily except Thursday

We checked in to the apartment we booked after the lunch and an hour after that, head out for some food hunt again!
This time, we're having the Penang Laksa at Air Itam wet market!
We're still full from the lunch and so we shared the portion.
Can see the crowd here and you know how famous it is!
I was impressed by the speed they prepare the Laksa! Super fast!
This is now something really triggers my taste bud!
Or is it because ladies love anything sour? LOL
The noodle was so Q (chewy), to me it's not spicy and the soup was really tasty!
They are not stingy with their ingredients, a lot of red onion slice, cucumber slice and mints!
I said we share the portion right? But at last I ordered another bowl for myself hahahaha!
Some random dessert that my friend ordered for me. I don't know what is it called hehe.
It's beside the Laksa stall.
Assam Laksa Air Itam Market 
Pasar Road (Beside the Air Itam Market) , 11500 Air Itam , P.Penang.
Opeating Hours: 11am to 8pm daily except Tuesday

We've reached our limit after finishing bowls of Laksa, and so decided to take a walk at a Guan Yin temple nearby. 

Found this wishing ribbon in the temple! Donated and got 2 ribbons to write my wishes on!

We took a lot of photos here, everywhere is a photo opportunity :D

After visiting the temple, we head down to Gurney Drive for dinner.
OMG I thought we just had Laksa?
We basically forgot what we had and just keep on feeding ourselves!
That's how food hunting should be right? :P
Sat by the beach and chilling after we parked our car.
It's within walking distance to the Gurney Drive Food Court.
You can't miss this big big sign!
Not easy to get your seat so its better to split up.
Some of us looking for the seats and secure it, some went for food hunting!
There was a random article I read regarding MUST TRY STALLS in Gurney Drive and so I followed!
APOM here is nice! Crispy and not too sweet!

There were so many char kway teow and I don't know which stall to choose.
Again, followed the guide and got this.
Not bad and I actually like it!

Grilled fish order by mates. Didn't get to eat it because it was gone in minutes LOL
Grilled Squid, same thing. T.T
Mua Chi was a random dessert I got for myself. 

When I was heading back to my seat with food, I suddenly recognize a familiar face.

Yes, like my eyes just stare at him and my brain starts to function thinking who is this person.

I started to jump around and tell my mates I WANTED TO TAKE PHOTO WITH HIM!
That's when I hate my mates! They all came up and wanted to take photo with him too then he just ask me if we can take a group photo together. Screw my mates, my individual photo with Elvin just GONE!! *PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH*
Alright, fan girl moment's off, food hunting again.
Boyfie was hungry so I got him some Wan Than Mee though I think it can't compete with my hometown ones.
Anyway, the noodles was kinda special, looks like handmade one because it's so thin! Not bad!
This is the one!
Super long queue Char Kway Teow! Of course we queued too!
It's famous because it has duck eggs char kway toew.
Everyone say it taste nice, well I think so too.
But if I were to compare between the previous one with this one, I don't know how to choose.
They actually taste different.
Rojak is the best wehh because I love fruits and vege haha!
Must try this out! The sauce was awesome!
After that some of them wanna eat again somewhere else and I thought hey that's crazy!
So we split up and most of us went to chill at Straits Quay. 
It's a beautiful place and it's best if we can just have a drink at The Library there. But then we need to stay awake and drive back to apartment so didn't do that. #DrinkSensibly :)
I'll definitely come back next time, have a proper dinner there with some nice night view, then head to have a drink, WOW BEST-NYA!
By the time we reached all the shops were closed. I still managed to find this Snoopy themed restaurant and took some funnt photos hehehe.
Well, day 1 was pretty tiring since we traveled for 6 hours to reach Penang.
Have a good rest and get ready for Day 2!

Stay tuned.


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