Be in the trend! Hallyu Pink Lips with Maybelline Lip Polish #POP5!


Wonder how many of you here are KPOP/K Drama fans?
I have to admit that I'm ADDICTED to Korean Drama nowadays!
It all started with the freaking long and boring 3 months summer holiday.
My speed of watching Korean Drama is 2 days for all the episodes plus 2-3 days of withdrawal. LOL
I love how inspirational they are, be it in make up or fashion!
And also, handsome guy, pretty girls!
Well I think the recent wave must be THE INHERITORS/THE HEIRS!!
I love their makeups because its more natural and wearable in daily life.
Of course, pink lips is still a must!
The character Rachel (KimTan's fiancee) wears pink lips in most of the scenes! I'm all over pink lips now! Even though I've got myself 3CE Lip Pigment in #Electro Pink but I still think it's not the same. (well the electro pink is more to neon and a bit pirplish not so natural mah :P)
Anway, I've been searching for pink lipstick/lip gloss recently and I came across with this Lip Polish from Maybelline!It's a new product that has just launched in last December. The way I get to know this Lip Polish was quite interesting, I actually see it before it was launched! 
I was doing shopping one day in Guardian and I saw this lovely lip stick (at first I thought it was a lipstick) at a little corner of the shelf. I'm trying to search for the price of it but couldn't find any so I gave up and went home. But then, I was so curious about it and did some research online. Funny thing is, it is not even launch in Malaysia that's why I couldn't see any information on Maybelline's facebook page but I did found some reviews from bloggers in other countries. After a few days, this lip polish has been launched and I rushed to the store and get it immediately since I know there's a PINK I want!
Maybelline Lip Polish is a combination of lipstick, lip gloss and balm.
It has the color of a lipstick, shine like a lip gloss yet it's so moisturizing like a lip balm!
The packaging is totally adorable! Looks like a lipstick yet it's a lip polish! Love it to the max!
The brush design allows you to get a more definite lip shape.
Let's look at the swatch and texture!
This is a REAL PINK with no neon effect, again, I LOVE IT!
It spreads evenly on the lips without exposing the fine lines on my lips.
Speaking of the texture, it's a lip balm-like texture but with a glossy finishing.
A little sticky but as you apply more layers, the stickiness will be gone.
It's so easy to apply and the color is quite pigmented.
My lips look more nourished after applying the lip polish!
It's quite long lasting too as it stay on my lips for 3 hours ++ during outing.
Can you see that my upper lip is without lip polish and lower lip is with lip polish?
It's such a Hallyu Pink Lips that I'm longing for!
Just a simple eye eyeliner with the #POP5 lip polish will makes the look stand out!
I've seen people wearing this #POP5 with black smokey eyes too! It looks gorgeous!
If you're looking for glossy pink lips, this Maybelline Lip Polish #POP5 is meant for you ;)
By the way, I got it from Guardian for RM32.90. 
I think it was the launching price, it actually retails at RM39.90.
Anyways, both Guardian and Watson are having Chinese New Year sales now, check it out if there's any discount on this product.
I myself is eyeing on it because I'm so gonna try out other colors of this collection!
Will update you all when I get to try them out, stay tuned ^^

For more information:
Maybelline New York MY Facebook:


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  1. omygawd! suits u so much! and the moisture effect is really convincing

    1. Hi Ann!
      Thank you ♥
      It does moisturize my lips and quite long lasting! :)

  2. wow nice! make me feel like trying it out too!

    1. Carinn, it's a deep deep hole now I keep going back to the shelf and thinking which color I should get next XD

  3. This pink is so korean-ish! haha XD Since I'm not really into neon pink, I think I can give this a try~ :)

    1. Agree with you Alicia! Such a Korean-ish non neon pink!
      you should really try it out haha ;)