A Special Post For A Special One!


Well, the topic sounds like I'm proposing or something but don't get me wrong..
It's for a person whom I have a LOVE-HATE relationship with..
Such a stubborn, weird, funny, exaggerate, lonely, book worm, artistic, illogical, complicated, in short hard to be understood individual.
I guess the only explanation is that she's Aquarius.
Yes, it's SHE.
Again, don't get me wrong, I'm straight and yes, we're both straight. :P
She has the weirdest thoughts and logic that is so different from normal human being!
That's what makes her so interesting HAHAHA
There's always one person that you like to hold her hands when you both walking, laugh like mad when you both are together until people see you like you're sick or insane or something.
I don't walk in straight line when I'm with her, it's weird though.
As if there's a magnet pulling me towards her, that's why she always complaint that I walk sideways LOL!!
When I'm searching for our photo and I realized, hey we don't have much photo!
I'm not a camwhore person and she's even worst, so yea she's the girl with spec and she's the love of my life!
(alright I already know how to use my camera, let's take more photo next time)
Basically she had occupied more than 1/2 of my life, we're 21 this year and we met each other since 10 years old. Ever since then, we are never apart, mentally.
I always tell people that she is where I could get my spiritual support..
She's the person that can be honest to me, be true to me, and be nice to me.
I couldn't forget how she accompanied me through those time when I was extremely rebellious, annoying and when we're not always together..
No matter what happens, she's always there for me.

She taught me to forgive and forget,she taught me to read novel, she taught me not to be hot-tempered.
I thought it was me that change her but hey, she the one that changed me, into a better person!
Loyalty is what she offers me that I can't even repay her with my entire life..
I know I've always been a bad friend, I didn't text her often, didn't give her a hug for quite some time..
Didn't get to be next to her during her down time, but she's always there for me.
By the way, I wanna thanks Ah Chong for taking care of her so well, kamsahamnida!
(okay now you know she's taken :P)
Back to topic, I don't need much friend, so long as you're by my side..
Hear me? ESTHER FUM!
I know you must be mad now hahaha because I didn't even give you a call and your birthday is ending soon. This is the worst surprise I know but I didn't get to say words these geli to you.
So I type it out.
And I should have written it in Chinese, but lack of time lahhhh you know it's my sister bday also mah hehehe!
You're such a loving girl, you will definitely forgive me don't you?
I wanna wish you
It's our 12th years and yes still counting................
I just wish that I will have more time for you, and we will share everything with each other..
Like what we did the past so many years!
Be it happy or sad :)

Belanja you makan this CNY kay!
Love you till max!!


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