The Butterfly Project Website Launch x Server Freak Workshop


It has been quite some time I didn't blog about event I attend..
Guess it's time to share with you guys those previous moments I had during my semester break!
Last few week, I sneaked to Sunway again to attend The Butterfly Project Website Launch..
I think there's no need to further elaborate what is The Butterfly Project.
It's such an awesome community where bloggers get together and have fun! hehe!
Anyway I think The Butterfly Project deserves to be mentioned again and again.
Head to the website if you would like to know more about it!
It was a lovely afternoon tea where we bloggers get to hang out and celebrate the launching of The Butterfly Project offcial website. Previously we communicated through The Butterfly Project facebook page, now that there's a website for us I think it is now so much professional and you can see the effort of the team behind the community! They are serious to help to grow the community! ;)
So happy to see the girls again!
The first thing that attracts me the moement I reached the event venue SHOWCASE was the dessert table designed by Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party.
It was such a lovely vintage looked high tea table! 
How I wish I could have this table in my living room!
Of course with all the desserts on :P
aheemme, with all the desserts here, sip tea while blogging..
I'm pretty sure I'll be so much motivated and productive! LOL
(and that's when I can really blog about fitness!)
All of us were using this vintage tea cup for our coffee/tea that day!
The tea cup makes me feel so lady that I have to speak softly to match the scene haha!
Here's the cake for the opening ceremony!
Feeling so touched and honored to witness this precious moment!
Cake-cutting ceremony to official The Butterfly Project website launch! 
(shed tears~ T.T)
Immediately after the cake-cutting ceramony we have the gorgeous Edazz to sing for us!
Such angel voice!
The best thing of being part of the community is that we always always always get pampered!
Look at what we had that day for our high tea! was there  for us ladies to non-stop taking photos with cute props!
Didn't get to take much photo because there was a super long queue! LOL
The amazing outcome of the colorful backdrop! Salute to!

Best high tea with best companion = HAPPY DAY! :D
If you think The Butterfly Project only pampered us, you're wrong ;)
With the community, we get to learn new things too!
Another highlight of the day was the the Wordpress Easy Setup Workshop by Server Freak!
I never know that setting up a blog can be so easy before I heard from Server Freak!
I still remember how I google all the template and settings for my blogspot design and ended up only able to do some simple edit to my blog.
Now that with Server Freak, blogging is WAY TOO SIMPLE!

With RM298, ServerFreak will setup the wordpress (a blogging platform, like mine is blogspot), free lifetime domain,  free template with all the basic widgets that you want for you!
Meaning that you just need to communicate what you want to them, then just let your brain juices flow and write your post!
Yes, it's that simple!
Also, server freak provide 24/7 technical assistance so if anything happen to your blog, there's no need to google the solution, just email them and your problem will be solved!
I've got more details about this package for you in case you need to know more!
Anyway it's still best if you just consult Server Freak because they know how to help you :)

By the way, I got my domain from them too!
I'm satisfied with their prompt service and happy with my domain :D
Server Freak provides many other web hosting solutions so head to their website and find out more! 
Not only that, they were so generous to us!
A few of our lucky butterflies got free wordpress easy setup package and free domain as lucky draw sponsored by them!
Thank you Server Freak!
As usual, there was instagram contest for us  and lucky butterfly will win Loccitane products!
Errrhemmm, I'm one of the instagram contest winner too!
See the big big bear in the photo? That's for the best dressed winner!
(yea weh I asked you all to join The Butterfly Project already didn't I?)
Smile until can't see my eyes already!
Well I know my eyes can't be seen even without smiling :P
Jelly me please HAHAHA
They are both full-sized babies how could I not love them?
Lastly, a family portrait with Butterlfly Mamasan Tammy!
Oh yea, took our #OOTD since there's such nice view!
Red Dress - Asian Avenue Sunway Pyramid
Black Heels - TaoBao
Watch - Esprit
Ear Ring - Ellui Accessories

Happy New Year everyone!


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