Santa Hermo Please Grant My Wish~~♥


Christmas is just around the corner, have you got your stocking ready?
Let me tell you how I celebrate Christmas each year ya?
Sit in front of the TV, sit in front of the TV, sit in front of the TV, sleep.
I didn't get to enjoy Christmas feast or exchange gifts so I opt to stay home and watch some Christmas special TV show to made it up to myself..
This Christmas I might be staying home still, but I hope there will be a difference..
Just because of Santa Hermo!♥
Hermo collaborated with The Butterfly Project to grant we butterflies' wishes come true!
It has been my habit to visit Hermo almost everyday to check what's the latest deal they offers..
Hermo is a online shop that sell hot and good quality products such as cosmetics, skincare, fragrance etc..
It's basically a heaven for us ladies and you can find most of the hot brands here!
From Taiwan, Korea, to Europe and more, all 100% genuine products..
What makes me love Hermo is that their price is really a good bargain!
(my main concern :P)
They will rotate their promotion item, sometimes the discount is up to 40% and more!
You guys know that Korean brands like Etude House is very cheap in Korea right?
When it comes to promotion, the selling price in Hermo is just few bucks more as compared to Korea!
Good quality, best value + 14 days free return without reasons, best place for me to shop!
make sure you check their website everyday so you won't miss out some really great deal! ;)
Oh yea, don't miss out their daily spin to win game during this festive season to win prizes for yourself!
Hermo is offeting up to 70% this festive season for you to get Christmas gift for you loves one!
and yourself for sure hehehe
There are also many different gift sets of different brands for you to choose from!
There's one very interesting way of shopping that Hermo introduce us..
Ask HIM to pay for the bills! It's so creative!
But I think this is brilliant, because we can make sure that he gets us gifts that we really want isn't?
Now let me show you what's on my wishlist :)
I've been searching for this since long time ago!
It's such a hit in Korea! I don't know where to get The Saem products now that Hermo has their star product O2 Bubble Mask some more ON SALE!
I always wanted to try out SK-II products but how can I? It's such a BOMB to me!
Do you know that Hermo has it too?
Ya Hermo has got everything from head to toe from drugstore to premium brands!

The total bill  of the products cost less than RM80!
Yay I'm gonna be a happy girl if Santa Hermo grant my wish~~♥
*shy shy*

Letter to Santa Hermo:
Dear Santa Hermo, I might be asleep when you come so I stick this note on my door ya~
Thanks for the love and I will love you like I always do~~~~~♥
Regards, Alice :)

Now it's the best time to shop, what chu waiting for?
Head to the website and put all your favorites into your shopping cart before it runs out of stock!


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  1. Wow someone got new domain dy huh ;) Congrats! Btw, I think there's sth wrong w your GFC, can't follow you! :/