My 2014 Beauty Resolution!


Time Flies.
I know this is annoying but time flies, no kidding.
I am still in my 20 years old mood but soon, I'm turning 21!
Woah, 21!
Time to plan for my future and stop being a kid.
(eheemm, should have stop earlier!)

Well, before I say hello to 2014, let me think about my beauty resolution for 2014!
No matter what I'm still partially a beauty blogger kay! LOL
Turning 21 meaning that my skin is maturing..
In other words, AGING!
But face the truth, my skin is aging.
It's time to apply sunblock everyday without ponteng, cleanse my face everyday, moisturize my skin especially at night.
To me, its nightmare.
I don't like to apply so many different bottles and ended up nothing improved.
I used to like fragranced skin care because it makes me feel more classy :P
But now, I know its gonna make my skin worst so I must stop using those heavily fragranced skin care.
People do change, don't you think so?
So, back to topic.

Beauty Resolution 2014:

1) Sleep early

Sleep early is the hardest thing in the world. I'm so used to staying up to do nonsense and its very hard to get back to normal sleep even though I've tried so hard to do it. I can see my pores getting bigger and skin getting more dull. The changes in my health condition as well as skin condition are so obvious since I started to sleep late. I've got no choice, now it's my last resolution, to be ugly, or sleep early.

2) Switch to skincare brand that use natural plant ingredients in their products

There are so many products in this market with different ingredients, function and price ranges. It's so difficult for me to make a decision on which brand to choose. Sometimes those products that use natural plant ingredient are so expensive! Well, it's for my own good I think it would be a good investment too if I switch to products with natural plant ingredient. Good for the environment too hehe. Anyway if the price is lovely then it's great :D

3) Get to know more brands and different ingredients in skincare products
I'd never really research the ingredients in my skincare products. I think that's a bad thing because I don't even know what am I really using and would it help to improve my skin condition. Next year, I hope to learn more about different brands, their products, and most importantly get to know more ingredient, know what is it for and being able to choose the products that really suits me.

4) Detox once a month
Many people says that detox would help improve the overall health of one person. I wish that I will have the discipline to do detox for myself at least once a month to improve my overall health and skin :)

Before I say bye bye to 2013, I start planning for my 2014 resolution.
Now that I try to sleep a little bit earlier everyday, and wanted to switch back to YADAH for my skincare routine for a try and see how my skin would improve.

If you have not heard about YADAH, here's my previous review about their Anti-T series.
I was very lucky to know about YADAH earlier, a Korean botanical skincare products for teens and young adults. The ingredients they use are formulated with natural plants extracts which makes their products gentle yet effective

All YADAH products are certified by Korean FDA to be hypoallergenic (less likely to cause allergic reaction) and non-comedogenic (will not clog your pores). That's why it is suitable for teens or young adults who has sensitive skin or even pimple skin.

Their brand character Yadah and YomYom are so so so so cute!! ♥

All thanks to The Butterfly Project and Yadah Malaysia,
50 butterflies will be invited to celebrate New Year with YADAH this 4th January!
There will be hands-on session for us to discover more about the natural goodness of Yadah skincare and cosmetics! I've always wanted to try out more YADAH products especially their cosmetics which I'm so eager to try!

(I swear I swear I said it in my precious post here :P)
If you're a blogger, you don't want to miss this awesome experience!
Here's where you can register yourself for this awesome party with Yadah Malaysia :)
There's only 50 seats so let's all keep our finger crossed so we'll be pick kay!
 (I said ONLY because you know what there are SO MANY of us wanna go!! LOL)

aheem, to all my dear readers....
please pray for me too if you wanna see my following write up about this lovely event kay?
love you guys!
(*wink wink*)

For more information kindly visit:
YADAH Malaysia:
The Butterfly Project:

 That's all for today and yea, I'm gonna plan about 2014 real real quick.
though its a bit too late hehe

Hope you have accomplished all, or part of your 2013 resolution and plan ahead for 2014 ;)


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  1. Yo sleep earlier and more exercise is good for ur skin. Don't blog oni must Do It!! Haha