Lovely Date @ Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Sunway Pyramid


It's been quite some time since boyfie and I get to have a date, just the two of us.
We will not be able to stick to each other like glue for 3 months due to semester break so no matter what we must have a proper date before I go back to my hometown..
We've decided to go to Bubba Gump Sunway Pyramid since I've got the Bubba Gump cash voucher that I won from my uni's prom night..
The last time I came here was during my foundation year, with 2 college mates for assignment..
It was first few week when I just started my college life in PJ if not mistaken and I was shocked by the price when I entered Bubba Gump! 
I still remember that I saw a couple having lunch at this place while I was discussing assignment with my friend..
The OS in my heart was "Oh dear the couple must be very rich! I got to be like them someday and come back here again!"
Now that I'm back with boyfie and WOW~! That feeling, haha!
I really love the interior of the restaurant, it's so warm and welcoming :)
You can choose to sit at either "smoking area" or "non-smoking area".
Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. was established after the success of the 1994 film "Forrest Gump", offering a wide array of food, focusing on SHRIMP!
I love how they incorporated the movie elements into the decoration..
I've decided to rent "Forest Gump" and watch it after my visit!
I found this sign board interesting and yes, it is more than just a sign board!
RUN FORREST RUN means "yea its okay I'm fine"
STOP FORREST STOP means "hey yo I need your help please"
The staff will automatically stop by your table if your sign board show this..
Boyfie and I had Mango Sparkler Quencher (RM12.90) and Speckled Lemonade Quencher (RM12.90)..
Boyfie's Mango Sparkler is a combination of mango, orange juice, lemonade and lemon-lime. It's suitable for those who prefer sweet and heavy mango flavored drink.
My Speckled Lemonade is made of lemonade and blueberries! Oh you can choose either you want blueberries or strawberries.
Highly recommend this to those who like a bit sour sweet and refreshing drink!
They are both refillable ;)
Dynamite Shrimp (RM22.90)
This is our favorite out of 3 dishes we ordered. The popcorn shrimp was coated with special blend Thai spices, very little spicy with a bit of sweetness.

I thought the appetizer portion will be small but I was wrong. After the appetizer we're 50% full already.
"...Of Course We Have Scampi!" (RM32.90)
To me this is quite a normal lemon-garlic butter pasta, nothing to shout about. The shrimp was fresh enough but the sauce was so so.. 
Shrimper's Heaven (RM45.90)
I bet we will be shocked if we had cholesterol check the next day! It's good if you have no idea which shrimp dishes to order. There's Coconut Shrimp which both of us dislike because it was too oily, Fried Shrimp, Tempura Shrimp and Fries. We like the Fried Shrimp the most as it was well seasoned. And I like their fries!

 By the way, I didn't use any of the sauce provided except the lemon. The sauces were too unique, not to my liking. They do provide normal chili sauce on each table.
Boyfie indulging in his tempura shrimp LOL
This was mixed with the coconut shrimp! I like this, but not the coconut shrimp :/
Oh ya, the coconut shrimp was too big, and the shrimp wasn't fresh.............
 The staff offered his help and took this photo for us because he saw us camwhoring non-stop.
 Their food portion was kinda big, enough for guy and girls can actually share their portion. 
They do charge service charge and tax, and our total bill was about RM150.
There goes my cash voucher! Sayornara~~
Anyway its expiring soon so we just spend it all :P
Girly look for a sweet & lovely date with the boyfriend.
ASOS Inspired Dress: TAOBAO
Everywhere is the photo opportunity in Bubba Gump Shrimp & Co.!
Overall it was a great dining experience. It's a nice place to date or hang out with besties!
Though it's in Sunway Pyramid but it closes at 11pm so you can come here, sit, talk, look into each other's eyes and keep on refill your drink! HAHA
We've seen a few groups of people celebrating birthday here and their birthday treatment is something like T.G.I Friday so you know ya? 
End with a Christmas tree!

Christmas is just around the corner, may you all have a joyous Christmas :)

Bubba Gump Malaysia Facebook:
Operating Hours:
Mon - Thu: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Fri - Sat: 11:00 am - 12:00 am
Sun: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Telephone No:
the Curve +603-7710 9863 
Sunway Pyramid 603-5638 4559 +603-5635 3559  
Citta Mall +603-7832 4200/300/600
the Curve :  
Sunway Pyramid :  
Citta Mall :


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  1. awww so sweet you and your bf :D I've never been to Bubba Gump before, should try to go there for my ccelebrations :D

    1. Thanks hahaha!
      Bring your camera along and kill the memory card XD

  2. aiyer, when come melaka blog and with me xD

    1. You're right wehhh babe!
      Make a list, I go 1 day trip! ;)

  3. look nice. thanks for sharing :)

    1. I'm so glad that you like it!
      Thanks for reading :)