It's Beyond The Domain...

I wonder why I feel so happy by just looking at my domain name..
The feeling is just like...getting the first house in my life!

I always feel like getting a domain for my blog but I hesitated for such a long time.
Since I started blogging, until I attended The Butterfly Project High Tea not long ago..
At first I thought the reason for my hesitation was because I am not familiar with this..
With the domain, with the setting, with the changes..
At last I just realized NO.
Those are not the reasons!
The real answer behind it was simply because...
I'm not ready.

I'm not ready to commit to my blog, not ready to make writing part of my life..
Getting a domain is just easy, but committing, that's what's matter.
I do want to pay for the domain, feel proud of myself and ended up just leave it there making no changes.

I wonder if anyone think blogging is easy?
Well I would say, with passion, everything becomes simple.
But then producing a post is not easy.
Sitting in front of the computer, editing the photos, thinking how to make every sentences you composed interesting.
Maybe it's just me that's more lousy, I spent hours and hours to write, but ended up its still not the best anyways.
But I'm happy, for what I'm doing.

It makes me recall how did I started all these blogging things.
I can only say that I'm so lucky.
I love reading blogs, and I read a lot of Taiwanese bloggers's post.
I admire how all the bloggers get invitation to different and exclusive events..
Always get to try out the new products in market first hand, share their thoughts and information.
Then I decided, I want to be like them!
But how?

Checked my blog, yes I started 2 years ago.
Blog about my life, food, and my travel journey.
Not so productive, once or twice a month.
May 2013 was a lucky month for me.
I came across Nuffnang and also The Butterfly Project.
I guess that's where I started to be so motivated and blog more as compared to earlier.
I attended my first blogger event hosted by Astro & Nuffnang, and also sent by The Butterfly Project to the Kinohimitsu blogger workshop.
(photo credits to Loong updates)
"Yay, that's the feeling of being a blogger!"
That's my OS.

Why did I say I'm lucky?
Because everything happened just so fast!
I get to meet awesome people from all walks of life.
Though I'm not like famous blogger or what, but I'm happy for who I am now.
I love to meet the girls in events though I know I'm so new but they are so nice to me..
I love to learn new things which I will not be able to know if I'm not a blogger..
I love all the opportunities that came up to me or even if I grab it myself..
I love how passionate I am in getting every post done properly and make sure I'm constantly improving.
I love blogging.

Double check, yes I love blogging.
No regrets? No regrets.
Then here comes

I realize it's been a while since I write about more personal thing in my blog.
Just feel like sharing my joyous of blogging, and of course to celebrate me getting my domain!
Also, I hope if you're reading my post and you feel like doing the same thing which I'm doing right now..
(ooppss nike pulak :P)
It's better late than never.
It's better fail, than regrets.
Be passionate about everything you're doing, and you will be happy!
May 2014 bring you happiness, health and prosperity!

Don't forget to come visit my blog more often ya ;)


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  1. Whoa~~ damn serious my dear~~ seem like full of dedication and commitment! Gambateh! fighting~~