Easy Peasy No-Bake Tofu Cheesecake ♥


Jingle bell jingle bell ~~ ♫
Christmas is about one month later but I already feel it!
Party, gathering, gifts and lovely decorations!
To be honest, I never really celebrate Christmas before..
Simply because my family is kind of old fashion, we didn't really celebrate during festive season T.T
Anyway, it's time to make a change!
There's always a reason to celebrate, don't you think so? ;)

The Butterfly Project is having a Christmas Pot Luck few days before Christmas but I couldn't attend..
Daddy's birthday is right next day, must be at home..
( Daddy's girl :P )
Anyway if you're a person like me, very new to kitchen, this might be your recipe for the pot luck! *wink wink*
I made this for mummy last month,  it's really simple, easy and everyone likes it!
My aunts demanded another cake a few weeks later, with 3x ingredients!
Would like to share this with you all in case you wanna do something special (but easy) this Christmas! ♥
Let's start now!
The Crust:
I would recommend using original oat biscuit, I bought this because the shop isn't selling the original ones..
1. Crush 150g of biscuits into crumbs.
2. Melt the butter using microwaves or melt it above boiling water.

3. Mix Both the biscuit crumbs with melted butter.
4. Press the biscuit crumbs onto the base of the mold.
I put a 8'' mold on top of a ceramic plate..
5. Keep it in the refrigerator for the butter to harden and form the base.
 The Fillings:
1. Cut the cream cheese, butter and tofu into cubes and put into microwave for a while to soften them.
It's okay if you don't have microwave, just press them in the mixing bowl before you beat..
2. Beat the cream cheese, butter and tofu until smooth.
No worries, at this stage it is not perfectly smooth yet.
3. Add in sugar and continue to beat the mixture.
I actually use brown sugar so it's much healthier and not so sweet.
Now you will see the mixture is so so so so smooth already.
4. Add in lemon juice and whipping cream, continue to beat for 1 minute.
5. Melt the gelatine powder with hot water, pour it into the mixture, beat until it's equal.
It's done.
Last step, pour the mixture into the mold and that's it!
Of course you will need to keep it in refrigerator for 4-6 hours for a better taste.
Isn't easy? I'm such a baking dummy and I can handle it wehhh~
Though it was quite nervous and kelam kabut + I'm doing it alone :/
(that's why couldn't take much photo, sorry ><)
Oh ya, I realized that the filling was not enough so the cheese layer is too thin..
I tried it out again with 3x ingredients as shown in the photo below and the cake is perfect!
Don't worry the tofu taste is not overpowering the cake!
You will barely taste the tofu but the cheesecake will turns out to be much refreshing!
Remember to cut the cake using HOT KNIFE so it will come out in nice shape..
though I fail hahaha
Hope you will try it out at home and have fun! :)


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  1. Great tips :) Didn’t know that we can actually make cheese cake without baking :) Thanks for sharing :)

    Followed your blog :)


    1. oops wanted to follow but couldn’t, there’s some error, wil try it again later :)

    2. Hi babe! I don't have an oven at home so I'm looking for more no-bake recipe, hope to try them out and share the recipe in my blog very soon!
      Thanks for following and.....I'm your follower too ;)