Philips Innovation That Matters To You Contest


Good day everyone!
I can't hide my excitement as I already completed my year 2 studies!
Most importantly, my 3 months holiday has just started!
Hope this 3 months holiday will be awesome and meaningful for me..
*finger crossed*
First of all, I'm sorry for telling you guys this contest at very last minute.
I wanted to write about this for quite some time, keep drafting my idea during my exam period.
Now that I finally have time to blog, keep reading if you would like to know what is this about ;)
Philips believes that people should be healthy, live well and enjoy life. It is a technology company that cares about people. Philips listen, discover and challenge to deliver meaningful innovation. This project underlines its commitment to deliver innovations that matter, innovations that improve the quality of people’s lives in Asia Pacific. Philips aim to help build sustainable and livable living and working environments, promote healthy eating habits, active aging and personal- and childcare and establishing affordable and accessible healthcare systems and effective ways to dealing with chronic diseases. Philips want to work together, partner with individuals, communities and other stakeholders to combine insights with expertise, technology with funding, to deliver meaningful innovation that make a real difference in helping people live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives.

Philips Innovation That Matters To You Contest
Basically, you just need to submit any ideas that you can think of, which will help improve quality of life. Do not underestimate your creativity as your idea might just be the one that is able to make a huge impact on our community and really make a difference! As long as your idea is realistic, sustainable and able to benefit many people, every idea counts! There are 2 categories of idea submission which are healthy homes and safe cities.

Your contribution will not only help the community, but also win yourself prizes! AWESOME  isn't? 

Grand Prize for Winning Idea:
1 unit of Philips Viva Collection Airfryer (worth RM1199.00)
1 unit of Philips Viva Collection ME Computerized Electric Pressure Cooker (worth RM499.00)
5 Consolation Prizes for Shortlisted Entries:
1 unit of Philips Living Colors Bloom Black (worth RM499.00)
1 unit of Philips RaGa MP3 Player (worth RM169.00)

I already submitted my idea, I hope you submit yours today as well because the contest ends today! Let your creative juice flowing, head to the website and submit your idea and make a difference! ;)


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