AXA 110 Cancer Care Campaign in Collaboration with National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM)


I've read a lot of inspiring articles about cancer patient. I've read about the fear that erodes them when they first know about cancer, and how the love and encouragement the family and friends gave them that makes them braver and stronger.
Prevention is always better than cure, but somehow, cancer came without any prior notice and once it has been discovered, most of the time, its fatal. Both physically and mentally.
The best role model of fighting cancer that came across my mind is the world famous star, Angelina Jolie.

Angelina Jolie has raised the global awareness about breast cancer and people nowadays are more concern about their health condition. I admire her courage to admit and face the truth and never give up after she has been diagnose to have breast cancer. Of course, I also admire the love her husband showed to her, and to the public. 
It's inspiring, and they gave hope to many cancer patient out there.

On my side, I wonder how can I help, and what can I do to contribute to this society in this area. I wouldn't be able to contribute financially as I am not financially independent yet, but for now, here's what I can do.

In recognition of the sensitivity of the issue at hand AXA AFFIN Life has joined hands with the National Cancer Society Malaysia Cancer Treatment Center by supporting cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

For every Cancer Care policy sold, AXA supports cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment by funding chemotherapy daycare usage for patients at the Cancer Treatment Centre of the National Cancer Society Malaysia. The contribution from AXA AFFIN Life could potentially help provide daycare usage to as many as 10, 000 patients or more.

Not only that, for every blogger that blog about this AXA 110 Cancer Care, AXA AFFIN will contribute one day funding for a cancer patient daycare usage at NCSM center. To the bloggers out there, let's spread the love :) 

What is Nationcal Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM)? 
Located in Tung Shin Hospital, Jalan Pudu, the National Cancer Society Malaysia Cancer Treatment Centre acts as a preparatory home pre chemotherapy treatment. However, depending on the kind of treatment and the patient’s desires, the day care unit can be used for post chemotherapy as well. The setting here grants optimum comfort where patients can receive tender care under the scrutiny of experienced nurses.

For more information about the 110 Cancer Care, visit:


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