The 17th Asia Pacific Hair & Make-Up Olympics!


YAY! I'm wearing MEDIA PASS!
*happy happy happy*
Attended the 17th Asia Pacific Hair & Make-Up Olympics which was held at KLCC on Monday..
The 17th Asia Pacific Hair and Make-Up Olympics Competition in Malaysia organised by Inter Expo and Asia Pacific Hairdressers And Cosmetologist Association (APHCA) was held in conjunction with Beauty 13 Expo at KLCC..
The competition aims to provide international and local talents a platform to exhibit and share new knowledge, creativity and ideas with each other. In addition to that, the competition also allows the industry players to pursue continuous updates about the latest trends and styles, be exposed to vast opportunities and advancing their careers.
The contestants came from 13 APHCA member countries which includes Australia, Japan, Korea,  Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Mongolia, Philippines, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong and our very own Malaysia. 

At first I thought I can only make it for the closing ceremony because of my classes..
But then I think the schedule delayed or what I don't know?
I was just lucky enough to be there when the competition was still going on!
The bridal hair were done and models were posing for photography session..
Have you noticed that some of the models looked quite pale?
It's because some of them will be the models for bridal makeup as well so they can only have foundation on their face..
I must say they were actually quite efficient..
Immediately after the bridal hair competition, contestant for bridal makeup started their competition!
The contestants were required to complete the makeup within 30 minutes!
I was damn nervous even though I wasn't the one competing!
*tik tok tik tok*
The bridal makeup was pretty elegant looking..
Very different from those fantasy makeup which happened earlier in the event..
The 300 category contestants will then be scrutinized and judged by over 90 judges from the region..

I must say the event was a great success, very interesting and exciting for us as audience!Not to mention, it's definitely an event not be missed by all beauty industry players!
 I'm really looking forward to the next Pacific Hair & Make-Up Olympic..

If you would like to know more about APHCA, do visit their website:

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  1. wah!!! u also got go ah??? why dint meet u there de???
    i three day also attend leh!!!

    1. HAHA yeap I went there the last day!
      How come so chee kek went all 3 days? Shop tak cukup izzit? :P

    2. i think i was there the same time with u....but we have no faith to meet each other!sob!

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