My story with Mireica® Nutri Peau


Sorry for late updates!
I was busy preparing for my final exam and still having exam tomorrow :/
Anyways, I hope you guys are doing well :)
Thanks to Betsy from Livelife, I was given an opportunity to try out the Mireica® Nutri Peau and would like to share with you guys how I feel about this internal skincare product.
 (Halal Certification by the Islamic Religious) 
What is Mireica?
Mireica is developed by LiveLife Biosciences A.G., Switzerland, in collaboration with scientists from Japan, Europe and Switzerland. These Scientists are leaders in their individual field of specialty within the exciting science of anti-aging. It is the first and only nutricosmetic with stem nutrients for perfecting from within our skin -truly a remarkable quantum leap in internal skincare science.

Why is Mireica so special?
Mireica® Nutri Peau  concept takes internal skincare beyond collagen and anti-oxident, common in most other skin supplements, to a new and higer level involving protection and rejuvenation of skin stem cell. It's unique Micro-BioNutrients contain several key essential nutrients for skin regeneration, including a special active collagen complex composed of marine collagen and elastin peptides in the same ratio found naturally in human skin.

My Mireica Story
Well, just like any other university student, I have tons of assignments to prepare and I always procrastinate. In the end, I will need to stay up VERY LATE to complete all my task or sometime not even sleeping. I'm having irregular lifestyle which I know is very unhealthy but sometimes I just can't discipline myself. Besides, I'm very lazy lady which didn't apply sunblock BUT I'm exposed to sun everyday because I walk from my hostel to uni. Alright, let's just stop here because you can probably imagine how worst my skin condition can be right? 
( *view at your own risk *)
I used to be very proud of my skin condition until I started my university life. Stress, sleep late, diet, fast food. That's how the nightmare starts. I can see fine lines around my eyes area (somehow I do always rub my eyes, DON'T DO THAT!) Pimples always pop out of nowhere especially when I stay up late and lack of sleep, of course it won't just let me go like that without visiting me together with my menstruation :/
I really hate those pimples break out because honestly I do not really have blemishes or pimple skin. That's why any pimples could be so obvious, annoying and it leaves scar on my face! That's how I decided to give a try on Mireica® Nutri Peau hoping for a change in my overall skin condition.
 I didn't expect the powder in the sachet would be red in color! It's a bit like brick red.
What's more interesting is that it's like those soluble vitamin C tablet where it will dissolves in water easily and it's fizzy! One sachet daily is sufficient, on an empty stomach either just wake up or before bed time. You can add one sachet to cold or warm water or even juice, and STIR IT! It says it taste like fruits and one of my friend told me it smells like blueberry but the first thing that came across my mind when I taste it is.......SEAWEED. LOL! I would say the taste is quite pleasant as compared to some other drinks I took before like Fibre drink.
 Here's how my skin transformed after taking Mireica for one week. Started to see that my skin turns out to be more supple with some natural glow to it. My skin tone has sort of improved and even up a little bit as compared to before taking Mireica.
After the one month trial, what I feel most about the changes is that I look more healthy now. Last time I always get scolded by mums and aunts saying that my skin is very dull and looks unhealthy. Now that I didn't get scolded anymore and I can feel it myself. I realized that I get a little fairer as well, not very noticeable. One weird result that I got from Mireica is that my constipation problem is solved whenever I'm taking Mireica. In order to verify that, I tried to stop Mireica for 2 days and I can't go to toilet, like usual. Then I resume with Mireica and the next day I really can go to toilet smoothly. HAHA!
 Another achievement is that no pimples breakout throughout this whole month! Even when I'm having my period! Amazing huh? I think it kind of control my skin condition and that's what makes it worth trying! 
Took this photo after my exam, imagine didn't sleep for 2 days and 2-3 coffee everyday, stay up until 6am, I think Mireica has done wonder for me :)

Mireica® Nutri Peau retails at RM178 for 30 sachet (1 month consumption  and you can get it from Guardian, Watsons, Caring, Alpha, Healthlane, Vitacare; independent pharmacies.
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That's all for today, need to hit the sack already!
Hope I can do well tomorrow and thanks for reading ^^


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