Makan Venture to D'Dream Cafe!


Thanks to Openrice, I was given the opportunity to have a free food tasting at D'Dream Cafe
The D'Dream Cafe which serves Taiwanese Cuisine was here since April 2013..
It wasn't difficult to find the cafe as it was located at the 1st floor next to Wings Cafe SS2..
(photo credit to Openrice)
I forgot to bring my camera that day so all the photos were taken by Samsung Galaxy S3 camera.
(epic fail :/)
The Doraemon themed cafe was run by Nicholas Lim, the owner of all the Doraemon collections displayed in the cafe! For your information, Nicholas started his collection since he was 9.. He even traveled to different countries to get them! 
(photo credit to Openrice)
The collectibles displayed in the cafe was just part of them! There are more in Nicholas house!
See the toilet roll above? It cost about RM50++!
When I heard about the toilet roll, I thought we can use it so I told the bunch that I wanna go to washroom and use the super expensive toilet roll.... Then I realized it's for display purpose only! They just laugh at me! LOL
Stickers on the fridge! Like what we used to do when we were kids! LOL
All the collectibles are NOT FOR SALE!These merchandises at the cashier might be the only selling item in the cafe..
Back to the food!
I wondered why Nicholas serves Taiwanese Cuisine instead of Japanese because Doraemon is from Japan. He told us reason being the country he traveled the most to get Doraemon is Taiwan, and he loves Taiwan food! By the way, Nicholas himself prepare the dishes and there's only one waitress working in the cafe so far. Therefore it's better if you make a reservation with him before you visit the cafe :)

Minced Pork Rice 滷肉飯 (RM5)
I was impressed by the doraemon fish cake it's quite cute isn't? Looks like murdering Doraemon when you chew it HAHA! I'm happy with this braised pork rice. The rice was imported from Taiwan, and well cooked. Sauce taste extremely well which really satisfy my taste bud, and I can barely feel the pork fats!
Three-Cup Phoenix現炒三杯雞 (RM7.50)
I didn't really taste three-cup phoenix before so for me this is okay. It's good to go with rice, like having home cooked braised chicken.
Red-Braised Beef with Ramen   紅燒牛肉拉麵 (RM9)
This is instant noodle! The soup is reminds me of the instant noodle I bought from hypermarket. Maybe because it's Ramen soup so couldn't compare it with the soup of beef noodles? Anyways the texture of the ramen was okay. Kinda miss the Tangkak Beef Noodle now!
Taiwanese Stewed Bean Curd   台式滷豆腐 (RM5)
I'm really a bean curd person can't resist any bean curd so for me this is heaven! The bean curd was soft, juicy and blends very well with the sauce.
Deep Fried Pork Ramen 現炸豬排拉麵 (RM7.50)
The ramen was so so but the deep fried pork is yummy! To me it taste like Japanese more than Taiwanese but it's worth trying.
Sweet Potato Fries with Sour Plum Powder   柑梅地瓜
As you can see, the sweet potato is with sour plum powder, LITERALLY. If you've tasted this snack from the other shop, you might understand what I feel. I thought the sour plum flavor should blend in very well in the sweet potato then only they fry it but here they just fry the sweet potato and put the powder on top. I'd prefer without the sour plum powder on top. One good thing is that it's not too salty.
Bouncy Golden Sweet Potato Balls   黃金QQ球 (RM6)
I was disappointed with this bouncy golden sweer potato balls because it's not bouncy at all. Frankly speaking, it kind of stick on my teeth after the first bite. Plus, the potato fillings is just very few so I was like biting a empty fried powder shell with very little potato fillings. 
  “Popcorn Chicken”現炸鹽酥雞 (RM6 for small, RM9 for large)
Popcorn chicken is something you MUST NOT MISSED! It's so crunchy and I can't stop myself from having it! The price for this portion is very reasonable!
Fruit Tea 水果茶 (RM6.90)
I would order this if I visit this cafe! Highly recommended for those who prefers more refreshing and light drinks.
Herbal Jelly Milk 仙草奶凍 (RM4.90)
It's my first time having herbal jelly with milk because I usually have it with soya. It taste good, not too sweet and its okay for those who dislike milk. The sweetness of grass jelly covered the milk already.
Yours truly with limited edition Doraemon plushies! Some of them are just so adorable!

Overall, I would say this is not a place for nice food but a nice place to hang out with friends or to actually adore Nicholas collections. Not to mention their price is very reasonable, suitable for everyday dining.


Adress: 70A, 1st Floor, Jalan SS2/60, Petaling Jaya (North), 47300
Contact No:  016-219008

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