[Giveaway ] Awesome prom night, the Casino Royale!


Hi all! Hi October ♥
It took me so long to update this post because there were tons of errors with it!
Anyway I still manage to solve it one by one but sorry for the late update ya :)

It was a fun and memorable night with a bunch of craziest uni mates!
What makes it even awesome was that I was crowned as the Queen of Heart for VU Night 2013!
*shy shy*
Our Victorian University prom night happened on 16th September 2013 at Holiday Villa..
The theme was Casino Royale so everyone of us did dressed up "a lil bit" for a more Casino feel!
You can see that majority of us were in RED/BLACK/WHITE..
I actually picked a vintage dress which my mum kept it in the wardrobe for YEARS!
I'm just trying to adhere to the theme hahaha
Well at least I like the dress very much it's kind of a statement!
Thanks to the photographer for this photo with my lovelies!

We were very punctual and reach there at 5pm sharp!
There were some game going on for us to collect as much points as possible to chosen as King and Queen!
So yea I actually get my Queen of Spade from this game session XD
The ballroom was ready around 7pm..
So the meantime?
Took photo with boyfie in the garden..
and some funny funny pose group photo with the mates!
Standing, walking around for 2 hours++
My toes were basically numb even before the dinner..
I'm sorry that I didn't get to take the photo of the food that night..
Speaking of the food, it was quite disappointing..
We sneaked out of the ballroom during performance time!
Very impolite but I must say the live band performance was a little bit inappropriate for the venue..
The ballroom wasn't too big so kinda noisy and annoying  when they play rock music!
The crazy guys photo bombed us ladies trying to pose! LOL
Next, ceng ceng ceng ceng~~!!
The moment where I was crowned!!!!
Seriously salute to the photographer XiChen Ooi for this precious moment!!
Though it wasn't a pageant contest kind of crown but hell yea, I'm happy!
Didn't expect to have the Tiara so I was so shocked! Feeling loved of course :)
(guys I can hear you all shouting my names thanks a lot love you guys to the max muacks muacksss!)
A photo with the Kind of Spade, Leng Gui Sheng!
Our gang also lah :P
Got lot of prizes sponsored by awesome brands, show you guys in a bit!
The  announcement of the King of Spade and Queen of Heart marks the end of the night..
Then, photo session again! LOL
Here's the awesome people from my batch!
The proud Sunway CPA Australia Student Charter!
(do check out our facebook page ya)
Our table was lucky enough to win the table lucky draw!
Each of us got a RM20 Beer Factory voucher!
Too bad it can't be used during Friday and Saturday, and one table one voucher so no after party :/
What's in my goodies bag?
 Next up! What's for the Queen of Heart?
RM50 voucher for Bubba Gump and a Fling card from T.G.I Friday!
(no idea what's the fling card and another RM100 Bubba Gump voucher I won it from a pre-prom contest)
Beauty kit from The Body Shop!
Hamper from Etude House!
See so many products inside!!
Boyfie said the purple body mist packaging got the same mole as mine then Ashly said it was fated to be mine LOL
So sad that the nail polish dry out before I get to use them :(
The next prize is really really really BIG!
It's a gift voucher form Domeilee Beauty Academy worth MORE THAN RM3,000!!
I'm a soon gonna be a spoiled child being pampered by Domeilee this way!!
Lastly, my TIARA!
Ohhwww I miss tiara so much!
I once had it when I was a child, mummy like to dress me up like a princess..
Didn't expect to have this Tiara, didn't even expect I can bring it home with me!
Fond memories are to be kept ♡
Our peers from Victorian University Business Club put in a lot of effort to make this happen!
Let's give them a round applause! 
*claps claps claps*
Hopefully we Sunway CPA Australia Student Charter get to organize something awesome next time too!

In order to share my happiness for being Queen of Heart, here's a mini giveaway for my readers!
I'm giving away 3 x Etude House Shea Butter Nutrifull skin care kit to 3 lucky reader :)
This time round the winner will be picked by rafflecopter so I need not to be headache! hehe
Just follow the steps and the lovely skin care kit might be yours!
Contest ends 17th  October
(only for readers residing in Malaysia ya)

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  1. Thank you for promoting the event and sponsors for us! :D Btw, the event was on 13th September, not 16th. :p And once again, Congrats on being our Queen of Hearts! <3

    1. Ya wehh how come I typed 16th lol blur queen :P
      This can't happen without the effort of you awesome people!

  2. your dress was beautiful babe! congratulations on winning the Queen of Heats! :) choulyintan@gmail.com :)

    1. Thank you babe! ♥
      It's been a while since we last met! Hope to see you soon ;)

  3. ur dress very sui oh~~~!!! u look very charming in that day ^^

    1. Thanks to my mum loh hahahaha! ♥

  4. Congratulations on your win. You look absolutely stunning <3

    Email: winlyn99@gmail.com
    Facebook ID: Li Na

    Thank you for the giveaway :)

    1. Thank you for participating in the giveaway ♥
      Good luck ;)

  5. Thanks for giveaway!

    1. Thanks for supporting my giveaway :)