Beauty 13 Expo!


Beauty 13 Expo? Beauty Expo 13?
Anyone has the same thought as mine? HAHA
Well, its Beauty 13 Expo
Reason being Beauty Expo has entered into its 13th year of business matching services this year. Beauty 13 Expo was held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) on 4th - 7th October 2013. The exhibition covers  top-notch selection of beauty, business, education, trends and industrial competition over the past 12 years and has transcended into the most important networking platform for leaders from the Beauty, Hair and Nail industry in Southeast Asia.
Thanks to Arisa, I go an opportunity to cover the event and of course,SHOPPING!! 
As usual, the visitors are required to register themselves before entering the hall. There were so many girls with LUGGAGE and I told myself that I'm gonna bring luggage too in the coming Beauty 14 Expo! LOL
There were more than 500 specialists from 23 countries including Singapore, Taiwan, Korea and many more, gathered to showcase the best of their premier products. With an array of over 10,000 products on display, we consumers were really spoilt for choice. The exhibition really impressed me because the exhibition halls were divided into 5 product-based exhibit zone covering every aspects of beauty from head to toe to ease visitor’s sourcing needs for specific related products. It was much convenient for me to look for products that I need!
Exhibitors from Korea and Singapore that caught my eyes!

OPI on sales! I was like a crazy woman keep telling myself "hey hey control, control!" 
There were so many skin cares, beauty tools and cosmetics selling at a very cheap price! Boyfie keep reminding me not to spend on unnecessary item since he wasn't with me that day to control me. But then.... I still bought one set of paint for nail arts from Sky City Trading. Well I can justify this! It's cheap, RM50 for 12 colors and I can use it for so long, plus I can use it for Allianz Halloween Party makeup too! Worth it right? HAHAHA
(boyfie: ya ya ya best excuse ever!)
It is Beauty Expo's tradition to bring together a host of competitions, stage shows and seminars to cover the entire spectrum of beauty, hair and nail industries.
The 17th Asia Pacific Hair and Make-Up Olympics Competition was the major highlight of Beauty 13 Expo. It was one of the biggest hair show around the Asia Pacific region held by APHCA annually.
(Read my post about the 17th Asia Pacific Hair and Make-Up Olympics Competition here)

I was so happy and satisfied being able to attend Beauty 13 Expo. Doesn't matter whether I bought something or not, I'm simply happy by just looking at those trendy items in the beauty industry, so SYOK! Looking forward to the Beauty 14 Expo where I'm gonna bring my luggage along for a serious damage! hiak hiak

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