Unboxing VanityTrove Lierac Exclusive Trove ♥


Who's VanityTrove and what VanityTrove does?
The world of cosmetics and skincare regimes generally leaves one clueless and in awe at its selection. VanityTrove sifts out the most effective time-tested favorites and top-quality trending beauty products in the industry into a specially put together trove every month, sent directly to you.
VanityTrove is the second beauty box that I've received so far..
I guess most of the beauty junkies know about VanityTrove, am I right? ;)
With RM50 of subscription fees every month you will receive deluxe size samples from them!
We also get to customize our own trove according to our needs & preference as well!
Not to mention their Exclusive Trove which allows us to try on products of a specific brand!
Awesome? ♥
This time round, VanityTrove has brought us the Lierac Paris Exclusive Trove!

This Exclusive Trove of Lierac retails at RM120 and focuses more on anti-aging care..
It's pretty costly but the content will not disappoint you!!
I got my trove in the goodies bag of Pink N' Proper Summer Pool Party, so happpyyy! :D
(Thankieww VanityTrove, muacckkss!)

Let's see what's inside the trove:

#1  Lierac Paris Luminescence Illuminating Serum Conplexion Corrector
RM298 for 30ml / RM79.5 for 8ml
Helps reactivate light refelction, diminishes the appearance of pigment spots, helps refine the skin's texture, smoothes and evens out the skin.

#2 Lierac Paris Premium Regenerating Serum 
RM500 for 30ml / RM166.7 for 10ml
A delicious melt-in formula, this serum containing 10% pure hyaluronic acid solution helps stimulate natural DNA repair for exceptional cell regeneration.Corrects the appearance of all visible signs of skin aging. Helps reactivate cellular regeneration processes and prolongs the skin’s youthful appearance.

#3 Lierac Paris Sensory Shower Gel with 3 Flowers 
RM78 for 150ml / RM15.6 for 30ml
A soap-free, translucent botanical-origin gel that transforms into a sensual and delicately scented foam for ultra-gentle cleansing and a precious anti-dehydration effect.

#4 Lierac Paris Micellar Cleansing Water 
RM95 for 200ml / RM23.75 for 50ml
Enriched with mallow and linseed flower extracts, this micellar water perfectly removes makeup from all skin types, even sensitive skin. Alcohol-free, no-rinse formula.

 #5 Lierac Paris Bust Lift Massage Cream 
RM170 for 75ml / RM34 for 15ml
A complete anti-aging cream with a reshaping texture that combines a firming complex of hazelnut oligopeptides and a Japanese mandarin extract with depigmenting properties, to tighten the skin covering and ensure smoother, flawless skin.

#6 Lierac Paris Coherence Day and Night Cream Anti Wrinkle and Firming 
RM300 for 50ml/RM90 for 15ml
A velvety cream enriched with vitamins and a protective and anti-dehydration nutritive complex for skin that feels smoothed, firmed and ultra-comfortable. Helps firms the skin and diminishes the appearance of wrinkles.

What do I think?
Out of the 6 products, 4 of them are for anti-aging care..
Well no problem, this will be a gift to my mummy ♥
Let my mum experience more latest products in the market so she has more choices instead of sticking to the same brand for years and years and YEARS!
(but keep the Micellar Cleansing Water & Sensory Shower Gel for myself LOL )
Lierac is a premium brand so paying RM120 for products worth RM400++ is acceptable..
(I already did the maths for you hehe :P)
Anyways, I personally think that these products are for more matured skin/people..
So if you're not there yet, why not surprise your mum/sisters/aunts with this lovely trove?
I think they will be very happy! ;)

I'm looking forward to more and more exclusive trove in the future!
If you're interested with this trove, why not head over to VanityTrove websites for more info?
VanityTrove Lierac Exclusive Trove

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