Timeless Truth Organic Silk Fiber Elixir Mask Review! ♥


My blog hasn't been updated for weeks because I was extremely busy and exhausted..
School, assignments, clubs and so on..
Lots of stuff to do and my prom night is TOMORROW!
OMG can't believe time flies!
Just to share with you guys, I won the Instagram contest held by my uni's club and here's my entry!

Our theme for the prom night is Casino Royale so I did this bold red lips for the photo XD
Can't wait to get my RM100 Bubba Gump cash voucher and go nom nom! YAY!
I'm really looking forward to see each of my friends looking different and fabulous for the night!
Of course, I wanna look fabulous too!
I'm going to do my own makeup and hair for prom night..
So I decided to give my skin a last minute rescue so that my makeup would look better!
Okay, let's see what's my problem!
Pimples just popped out of nowhere!
(OK I should go to bed earlier ><)
My main concern is that my skin is very dry, that's why there's lots of fine lines on my forehead..
And also, the unbeatable large pores next to my nose!!!
Here's my pick!
Timeless Truth Organic Silk Fiber Elixir!

Got this from Taiwan for quite some time already but still haven't try this out yet..
It's a free gift from TT Mask Taiwan anyways :P
This is the mask that won Taiwan Golden Diamond Award of Taiwan Expend Top Commodity 2013..
Cool yea?

Organic Silk Fiber Elixir is an anti-aging mask that contains high-performing star ingredients such as Organic Bear berry, Organic Algae and Organic Eyebright. It helps to stimulate cell regeneration, improving the quality of skin's collagen and elastin fibers. It uses the most delicate silk fiber cloth which fits perfectly the curves of the face and helps to improve the organic serum and natural silk fiber cloth to bond within the skin to create a firm supportive network. (TT Mask)

There are 3 layers in the packet, which we will only be using the middle layer..
So peel the plastic film away and stick it on my face!
Think this is it? NOT YET!
Have to tear off the blue layer away as well downside up!
Yeay finally this is it!
A ultra thin layer that lies comfortably on my face!
Well I think it's a waste to throw the protective sheets away so I put it on my neck and..
Neck mask! 
LOL just kidding! Don't waste mahhh :P
Please remember do not leave the mask on for more than 15 minutes as stated..
You don't want your mask to dry out and take away the water content in your skin!
My skin became brighter and most importantly it's FIRMER! no kidding!
And close up....!
The fine lines on my forehead really reduced and the pores next to my nose area is now less visible!
Overall, Organic Silk Fiber Elixir does what it says!
It makes me love TT Mask more and more and more!♥
I'm not sponsored to do this review so these are my honest feedback..
It's priced at RM15 in Malaysia and you can get it from Timeless Truth Malaysia & HiShop..

Hopefully I'll look pretty for my prom tomorrow..
Gonna have REAL FUN with bunch of uni friends..
Can't wait!!
Oh ya, there'll be more review on TT Mask so stay tuned ;)
Time for beauty sleep, good night everyone!


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