Songkran Festival@Hatyai-Day 3


Hello guys!
I'm back from Taiwan :D

Guess how was my trip? It sucks :(
Didn't get to rest well, didn't get to visit many places and basically, it sucks.
Anyways, still wanna blog about those interesting things I experienced in Taiwan :D
Now, back to my last day of Songkran Festival @ Hatyai!
If you are going to Hatyai during Songkran Festival with tour agency..
They usually leave Thailand next day right after the celebration which is 15th April..
So day 3 was my last day in Hatyai..
Trust me, it was CRAZY!
The moment we step out of the hotel, we're all WET!
ahemm, yea literally wet!
There were many Hilux on the road and you better watch out because their weapon was WATER+ICE!
Shoot shoot shoot don't let them go!
The driver will actually slow down the vehicle and let us shoot the passengers as a blessing :)
(which has been twisted anyways LOL)
It is not necessarily to head to those really crowded places like Lee Garden Plaza..
You can just stop somewhere around there, few streets away from the bubble zone will do..
Since it was my first time celebrating Songkran in Hatyai..
We decided to somehow take a look at Lee Garden Plaza.. 
It took us quite some time to escape and finally we managed to reach the party site..
There were music, bubbles, people, water, ice, powder,food you name it!
Sorry that I didn't take much photos because I don't have waterproof casing so I just brought my phone which I can't even take it out from my pocket XD
Look at the freshly made BUBBLES!!!
Some of them were all covered by bubbles like a snow man!
I felt very uncomfortable standing below the bubbles machine because when the bubbles about to covered my face I felt like dying -.-
Can't breathe!
Here's a reminder:
They are many people at the Lee Garden Plaza bubble zone..
So, be EXTRA CAREFUL of your belongings..
Never ever go into that zone alone and remember just GO AWAY if you think something is not right..
We got sort of molested by people in that zone because there were all bubbles you can't see anything!
(but you can FEEL if you know what I mean -.-)
Another MUST DO thing in Thailand is to have McDonalds!
We were so tired at noon and decided to have McD in Lee Garden Plaza..
The queue was extremely long, security was tight (due to the boom incident happened last year)..
and the mall was kinda flooded! HAHAHAHA
Of course we tried the Thai Samurai Burger(pork) which you can't get in Malaysia..
I read a lot of bad comments about this burger but...not so bad though :P
I ordered the Spicy McChicken which I seriously fall in love with!
The patty was so crispy and mild spicy at the skin but the meat was soft and tender..
Also, the Tuna Pie!
I dislikes pies in McDonald, be it apple, banana or pineapple..
However, I can accept this Tuna Pie because I prefer something salty than sweet..
After the lunch break, we went back to the street and again the war started! XD
Oh yea! Regarding the water gun, you can buy it the before Songkran anywhere..
They've got guns with different pressure (power), the prices ranges from 150-500 bath..
Usually guns below 3500 pressure are cheaper, below 350bath..
Those with 4500 or 5000 are around 500bath..
Even though those guns with 5000 pressure are really powerful but I don't recommend you guys to get that one because it hurts!
Imagine you use that gun to shoot kids, or if you accidentally shoot someone's eyes or ears..
I personally got shot right into my ears and my ear pain like hell..
Better get 2500 pressure, nice and cheap :)
I bet most of you know what's the next MUST DO in Thailand already right?
It's the WORMS!
We went to few streets away from the bubble zone and hunt for food..
I couldn't find that kind of worms that I like the most so we got this!
It's grasshopper if not mistaken :P
They already deep fried it and mixed it with pepper and soy sauce..
It taste like crispy snacks with salty taste only..

Other than the food, there were Water Dunk game and Thai Boxing which was quite interesting..
The shopping malls are all operating as usual so for those who prefer shopping,
yes you can just wear nicely and go shopping..
All you need to do is just cross you hand when people trying to pour water at you..
Normally Thai will just let you go or tap some water on your shoulder as blessing..
BUT, if it was Malaysian, BYE BYE!

Our tour guide taught me a way to differentiate whether the person is Malaysian or Thai..
If that person shoot you like crazy and make you feel very uncomfortable, that's Malaysian..
Simple right? but it's so true.
Thai wouldn't be rude when it comes to water spalshing or shooting with water guns..
The one that shot water into my ears was Malaysian -,-

Anyways, that's all for my Sonkran Festival celebration at Hatyai.
Owhh I miss my sticky rice with fried chicken!
Definitely going to Thailand for Songkran Festival again!
Next year we're planning to go to Chiang Mai..
I heard that they celebrate Songkran for ONE MONTH! :D
It's gonna be FUN!


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  1. Nice! I was at Hatyai last year but it wasn't during songkran.... sad!!! :(

    1. There's great food in Hatyai! yum yum~

  2. wow niceeee i should consider going during songkran~~ =D

    1. Yes you do! at least once ;)
      If you prefer something exciting then go for Hatyai/Bangkok..
      But then if you're looking for some traditional way (gentle way)of celebrating songkran, go for Chiang Mai!