Songkran Festival@Hatyai-Day 2


The next day we woke up around 9am, had our breakfast then went to Chang Puak Camp for..
We get to feed and ride the elephants here..
If you want to ride the elephant its 500bath per person..
So we decided to buy one bucket of bananas(arnd 50 bath only)and feed them :)
Oh yea, there's a foot massage center in the camp itself so if you're not interested with the elephants..
Go for the massage! ;)
After that we went to Songkla beach for the famous mermaid and cat&mouse statue..
If I look at my photo album guess can find tons of photos of mine with this statue! LOL
The modified cat & mouse statue with the mouse wearing my cap! HAHAHA
You can buy some souvenirs, accessories and cap at the beach coz the price is quite reasonable..
Oh ya! Can try some local snacks and food here too!
Horse ridding, anyone?
It's fun! I will definitely do this again if I'm going to Songkla!
Can negotiate the price with them, around 150-200 bath like that will do..
Another thing to recommend is the ice-cream at the beach!
It's some where nearby the cat & mouse statue..
 This is so much better than the one I had previously!
Really yummy! and guess what, you get to drink the coconut water for FREE!
Our lunch was nothing special, arranged by the tour agency..
Didn't really like it..
Still prefer street food rather than restaurant food..

 After the lunch, we went back to hotel and sleep till dinner time!
and my camera's battery dies...-.-
Then I went back to hotel room, get my phone and all ready to go for dessert..
Who knows..........

OK, I should be happy coz they said only pretty girls get such treatment! ><
It's not yet 13/4 but the streets was crowded and the party already started!
I spent so much effort to avoid but still, FAILED!
We went to Lee Garden Plaza's Gelate that night..
(sorry for the low quality photos ya)
 GELATE ice-cream is MUST HAVE in Hatyai!
It's quite pricey though..
But then if compared to BR or HD those brands, this is much cheaper then :D
I've got perfect reason to eat more GELATE ady! HAHA
There are so many choices we can't even decide which one to choose!
You can ask the staff to let you try those flavors that you're interested in..
 Forgot what we ordered ad..
I just remembered that one of it was nutty flavor and the other one with dome or something..
The ice-cream was really nice!
Soft, creamy, thick, taste so good!
Must try the other flavors next time..

That's all for my Hatyai day 2, my eyes so blurrrr now!
Oh yea, flying to Taiwan tomorrow, my dream land since young!

sing a happy song!

Good night world :)


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  1. wow habis hatyai then go taiwan! syokknya! have fun ya! =D hehe

    1. haha I actually went to Hatyai months ago :P