Songkran Festival@Hatyai-Day 1


I know right Songkran Festival was MONTHS ago..
Now that I looked at those photos taken in Hat Yai..
I can't stop myself for planning next year's Songkran Festival already!

Some of you might know that I'm actually half Thai..
(I have a lovely Thai mum :D)
However, it's my first time celebrating Songkran in Thailand!
It's because Songkran usually falls on weekdays (13th April)..
It's schooling day and my parents do not want me to skip classes so I waited until now!
Like so many years alreadyyyy :(

Never mind, now I'm lil adult already so can skip class :X
I took a few days off from Uni and went to Hatyai with my mum,sis and cousin..
We went there by bus(with travel agency) and it took us like 8 hours to reach Hatyai..
(I was sleeping all the way until we reached)

Hatyai is just a small town..
free from jam and people are friendly..
It's very different from Bangkok..
The reason we chose to come here was because it's near to M'sia and it's the most popular place for Malaysian to celebrate Songkran Festival together with Thai..
Seiously, Malaysian was all over Hatyai city!

Our first destination was the Stainless Steel Pagoda..
As usual, there are bells along the entrance of the temple..
I've heard of different sayings regarding why should we rang the bell before we enter the temple..
Some say it brings us good luck, some say its to avoid spirits, and a lot more!
To me, I think it's a way to inform the "god" that I came by..?
Anyway, I still rang all of them.. heh
 Here's the legendary Stainless Steel Pagoda!
It looks nicer at night because of the lighting..
The interior of the pagoda..
 There's actually one way up and one way down but I climbed up and down using this staircase also -,-
It is suppose to be for us to go down..
 See the stainless steel bowl on top of the beam?
They say if you can throw a coin into that bowl, you get good luck ;)
 Next thing that you can do at the pagoda is to walk around the pagoda by touching on the wall..
Help to turn your bad luck into good luck.
 Take a look closely, the round thingy on the wall are actually coins! (Thai Bath 1 if not mistaken)
 too lame trying to capture my reflection while waiting for others LOL
 And that's all for the Stainless Steel Pagoda..
Then we went to the Elephant Temple..
(There's a cable car here!)
These elephant were sponsored/donated by disciple..
Or someone whom wish came true after praying at this elephant temple..
 I guess there are more than thousands of them!
 Next, we went to the Municipal Park..
 I was chilling down the hill because the weather was too hot..
Alright because I was too lazy
Actually I've been here before so I just sent my cousin and sister to take some photos for me LOL
(since it's their first visit to the municipal park)
 Here's something I found while chilling down the hill :P
None of us know what is this neither my mum!
 And the last temple visit stop was the Guan Yin Temple..
I remembered that I once released some birds up here with my parents when I was a little girl!
 The weather was extremely hot that we couldn't stand anymore so we stop visiting temples..
So the tour guide brought us to those "shopping stop" where I found this!
Must try ice-cream!
There's sticky rice, nuts, jelly, and bla bla bla with coconut ice-cream..
 I don't really like the bread in the ice-cream so I just pose with it :P
 I know it's a bit weird but yes we had our lunch at Tesco foodcourt -.-
 The food here was okay okay only, just few of them are nice..
I had my "MUST HAVE" Somtam (papaya salad)
Glass Noodle Salad..
My favorite since young! But it's not nice here..
my mum can cook better :P
 Some mixed rice ordered by my mum..
 Braised pork rice..
(wonder why it's a famous dish in Hatyai?)
 Guess what? 4 of us finished all these! LOLL
Here's something I like! The plastic cup of coca-cola!
The soft drink + cup was only 20-40 Bath (RM3-RM4) only..
I managed to found this YOKO lotion in Tesco..
I've read a lot of reviews about YOKO products wrote by bloggers from Taiwan but it's hard to find YOKO's products in Thailand, don't know why ><
 Before we had our dinner, we came to Municipal Park again..
We were suppose to go in the Ice Dome but we don't to..
That's why we just hand around the park and take photos!
(btw, they said the sculpture was awesome but the tix is around 300 Bath for 30min, quite pricey tho)
 Oh no she's so fierce! XD
 I like this photo, VERY MUCH!
Kind of artistic right?!!'s outside of the public washroom! LOL
 We had our dinner at Greenway Market..
It's like a night market + food court..
I must say the place is really well managed..
You can get most of the Thailand famous food here like mango rice, fried chicken etc.....!
But the table and seats are quite limited, so get someone to look for seats and some to hunt for food ;)
 Green Currry with meehun!
Taste good but it's cold :(
 These vegetables are for FREE! F.O.C!
It's actually how Thai eats..
You just eat as much as you can and they will collect it later after you had finished..
Nuts wrapped in sago..
It's sweet BUT there's a it comes with chili!
So the way of eating is to put the chili into the sago, and AMMMMM!
Braised kuey teow soup with chicken feet..
 Fried fish roe..
 Here it is! It's the glass noodle salad I had earlier at noon, but this one added with chicken feet skin!
And this taste GOOOOOOD!
 I think this is the pork noodle or something forgot ady..
The noodle is called "se-let"..
I don't think we can find this in Malaysia..
I must have "se-let" everytime I come to Thailand no matter what's the soup or else I'll be unhappy!
Of course we had some coffee and few funny funny drinks after the dinner..
Of course our tradition!
We will takeaway our supper and eat later in our hotel room!
We usually dabao sticky rice with fried chicken or huge seafood..
Believe me, it's awesome!
The sticky rice, juicy fried chicken with crispy skin and the chili sauce! OMG!

I'm so hungry now!

Alright, that's all for today..
Do stay tuned for my Songkran Festival @ Hatyai - Day 2 ya :)


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  1. thats the cannon ball tree! its flower looks like that one! =D

    1. I googled it and yes! it's the cannon ball tree! :D