Taiwan Haul ♥


Have been very busy lately for assignments and clubs and all..
Let me quickly blog about what I bought in Taiwan XD
(women always have time to talk about their shopping huh!)
This trip was more like a shopping trip for me..
I did a loooot of research and get a very long list of what I want to get in Taiwan..
My list was pretty simple..
1) Birkenstock
2) Beauty stuff from 86 shop
3) Timeless Truth Mask
That's all.
Yes! That's all I want from Taiwan!
(simple girl...LOL)
Well I managed to get almost all that I've listed, and a few that I didn't expect to buy..
Here's what my sis and I actually bought from 86shop in total!
Can be super VIP ady isn't? LOL
Let's see what I've got for myself then :P

Fake Eye Lashes from AK & Taiwan Handmade
I bought the handmade lashes for day time use because they are extremely natural..
As for the AK lashes, they are extremely soft and weightless!
I can feel nothing on my eyelid!
Even when I put them on my friend, she didn't feel anything also!
(now I remembered how I suffered when the makeup artist put that lousy eye lashes on me ><)
and guess what, it's CHEAP! 5 pairs of AK for NTD250!

 HANAKA Charcoal Pore Reduce Facial Mask
How adorable is the packaging ♥♥♥
Can't stop laughing when I look at it!
It's a deep cleansing gel wash off mask and after using it, my skin turns brighter immediately!
the blackheads and whiteheads can be clean easily..

EJG Moisture Tightening Cold Mask
I read a lot of reviews about this mask long time ago and decided to try it!
It's 550ml jumbo size don't know when can I finish it!

 NATURE REPUBLIC Aloe Vera Soothing Gel
You must be wondering why did I get this all the way from Taiwan since it's available in Malaysia?
I remembered I got it at RM35 last time and this is just NTD99........................

 OPAL One Minute Treatment
It's a very popular hair treatment among bloggers in Taiwan..
It's cheap and good!
*thumbs up*

I didn't know this is from USA until my sister told me..
I bought two just in case it's good and I don't have a chance to buy again :(

NEUTROGENA Sunblock Body Mist
It's a spray on sunblock with SPF50+, PA+++
I watched a HongKong youtuber introduced this but I couldn't find it in Malaysia..
Got 2 of them coz it's on sale, and it's waterproof so I'll use it when I go for swimming..

KANABO Chewy Candy Perfume (Rose Scent)
Okay I just simply name it! LOL
They say if you eat this candy for long term your body will have rose scent!
I don't know whether it's true but just buy it for fun..
It contains Vitamin C and taste good!

ST.CLARE Sebum Treatment Set
It's the best MP3 I've ever tried!
I tried it on boyfie and really harvest a looooooooots of white & blackheads!
Anyway it doesn't work so well on me :(

MISS BOWBOW Double Eyelid Net
The double eyelid net is very popular recently!
Actually I've read reviews of this Miss BowBow double eyelid net like a year back then..
Fianally get to see the real product..
There's a lot of brands in the market now, I didn't know which one is the best..
But I do know that the moment I knew about double eyelid net, it's Miss Bow Bow :D

Girls, SCREAMMMM~~!!
No doubt, it's CHEAP in Taiwan!
Of course can't compare to the price in Korea, but it's just slightly higher only..
Wanted to get more of 3CE but most of them are OUT OF STOCK! wtf
wanted to buy their foundation but can't try so didn't get to buy :(
I'm truly in love with 3CE now!
Somebody get me 3CE please I'm gonna love you forever! LOL

Was doing window shopping and found this on the shelf..
look at the price, NT299, so I brought it home.. 
Already try it out and the result is quite food..
Stay tuned for the review ;)
("no more reviews pleaseeee" says the boyfie)
OKAY! That's my haul from 86Shop in Taipei..

Now the Timeless Truth Mask!
Yes I'm crazy! HAHA
Of course it must be cheaper in Taiwan to make me buy as if there's no tomorrow..
There's only web store in Taiwan so I ordered it when I was still in Malaysia and walked like many km to collect them from Family Mart..
Very tedious process ><
(I am a huge fan of Taiwan so its pretty exciting when I get to experience Taiwanese lifestyle XD)
I bought around 200 masks and here's the variety..
few of them are not available in Malaysia though..
Next, my Birkenstock!
sorry for the ugly photo because we already wore the shoes
I really fall in love with Birkenstock since I got my first pair in White from Germany last year..
I'm BACK!!...... yea finally =..=
This time round I chose RED for myself and BLUE for boyfie hehe!
Like the color till the MAX!
Birkenstock is the cheapest in Taiwan except for Germany of course..
I got this for NT1780, and last time my white Birkenstock was 45.95 Euro..
more or less the same price..

 ALDO Sunglasses
Fall in love with this sunglasses immediately at first glance!
It looks so sweet and girly!

LONGCHAMP Le Pliage Cuir
This is what I didn't expect!
I'm so aunty now getting so many leather stuff LOL
Anyway, I found it really practical and useful, plus I need a cross body bag for travel and all..
So I got this!
Madly in ♥ with this bag, at first sight also! with the color!

Lastly, the food! 
My family don't usually buy food and all because none will eat!
So we just buy some because our relatives want..
I didn't get to try many brands this KONG KEE is the only brand we tried..
(tourist shopping spot)
Their Sunny Pie and Pineapple Cake are really good, or else I won't buy.. :P
The sunny pie is PRICEY! NTD350 for 10pcs! :O
Pineapple Cakes are cheaper, NTD250 for 10pcs..
(still pricey wehhhh -.-)
I don't usually like Taiwan's pineapple cake but this is exception ;)
Ba Xian Guo
I don't know it's name in English but it's sort of candy/asam which is extremely good for sore throat!
My family bought one BOX of this!
I remembered I was having sore throat during the last day in Taiwan..
I ate one of this candy and after 15 min, my sore throat just gone!
If you're getting this, try to get this brand also lah ;)

Alright, that's all for now!
Woahh now I realized I didn't buy that much though :P
Oh ya, let me know which product you are interested in so I can do a review :)
( if it's the pineapple cakes or sunny pies, sorry it's all in my tummy XD )



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  1. wow,the mask enough for you to use for 1 year ^.^

    1. I calculated and it's about...2 years! :P

  2. Replies
    1. Yeaaap the legendary TT Mask!
      Madly in love with them! ♥

  3. Wow! that's some haul you have there! Taiwan is always the nearest shopping paradise for all other oversea's brand! I see you are in love with 3ce, maybe you can try buying them online straight from Korea? They offers free shipping for $200 and above. Get your friends' order along to hit the quota and viola! received it at your doorstep~ ^_^

    1. Yea at first loving the 3CE products then now can't even resist clothes from Stylenanda!! Wow free international shipping above $200? That's cool! Need to start browsing their website already haha!

  4. Hi, can I know what is your birkenstock name? Looks cool! And mind to tell me which part of Taiwan you bought? Thanks! :)

    1. Hi!
      my birkenstock is Gizeh series and I got it from Taipei Ximending!
      It's quite confusing to find their shop location so I just give them a call, tell them where I am and they will guide me how to reach their shop. ;)

  5. Where in Taiwan did you find 3ce products?!?!

    1. Hi Kandice,
      I get both the 3ce products and hanaka charcoal mask in 86shop!
      here's their website:
      they have many branches across taiwan so head to their website and plan where you want to shop :)

  6. hey. just wanna ask whether the birkenstock patent surface is shinny or full leather? :)

    1. Hi Gareth,
      my birkenstock is matt surface which is the full leather one :)

  7. Hi may I know where you find the 3CE in Taiwan?

    1. Hi Sugar,
      I get 3CE from 86Shop (86小铺) and their website is www.86shop.com.tw
      They are selling 3CE at a very competitive price as compared to Korea so you can check it out ;)

  8. Hi , can check with you where to you purchase the miss bow bow and opal hair treatment at taiwan?

    1. Hi Shirley!
      I got both Miss Bowbow and Opal from 86shop.
      You can check their website www.86shop.com.tw and see which branch you would like to go! :)

  9. Hi , can check with you where to you purchase the miss bow bow and opal hair treatment at taiwan?

  10. Hii, do you know the price of Birkenstock Mayari from the shop u bought ur pairs? ^^
    btw, 86shop located in Taipei?

    1. Hi Jingwen!
      I'm not quite sure how much was it selling at the shop but it's standard price in every outlets.
      Anyway I checked it for you and it's selling at NT1,780 so probably arnd this range.
      Definitely cheaper than Malaysia and very close to Germany.
      86Shop has many branches across Taiwan, you can find them at KaoShiung, Taipei and TaiChung.
      here's the list of their shop if but it's in Mandarin.
      Regarding the TT Mask, yes you must order first and they will send it to convenient store that you selected or to your hotel. It's easier to ask them send to your hotel if you already paid using visa/master card. Normally the hotel wouldn't accept the parcel if it's COD parcel.
      Hope these help you :)

  11. and your 200 masks must order first ? :D

  12. May I ask where can I buy the AK lash and stylenanda? Thank youu

    1. Hi dear, I got them from 86Shop in TaiPei
      Have a nice day :)

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. which online store did your order your mask from? can you tell me more abt how the ordering and picking up works?

    1. Hi Deeyawn!
      I actually only purchase Timeless Truth masks through their webstore.
      you can refer to my step-by-step tutorial for more details regarding the ordering and picking up process :)

  15. Hi, can I just ask if there is 86shop in ximending? :) thanks.

    1. Hi there!
      There is a 86shop in XiMenDing but it's hidden in the streets so you can try to ask people shopping around the area where it is especially girls! ;)

  16. Hi Alice,I would like to know about how do you purchase online and collect from store?

    1. Hi there!
      You can refer to my step-by-step tutorial here :)

  17. alice ... birkenstock name pls ...

  18. how much is the hanaka in taiwan?

    1. Hi Cheryl, I got it for NT490 if not mistaken. Its a jumbo size 500g pack.

  19. These are in fact wonderful ideas in about blogging. You have touched some good points here. Any way keep up writing.

    1day Acuvue for astigmatism

  20. Hi Alice, May I know how do you make payment for the online purchase ya?

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Hi! May I know how much you bought that longchamp bag?
    Been wondering if it is cheaper in Taiwan?