YADAH Anti-T Series Review


Ta Dahhh~~
I'm so glad to be selected as the winner of YADAH Birthday Wishes Contest by HiSHOP!
Thanks to HiSHOP and YADAH 
Guess what I get?
The Yadah Anti-T Series, yea the entire SERIES!
Yadah is a range of natural skincare product from Korea, formulated with plant extracts such as essential oil, flora water and flower.
At first I wondered what is Anti-T series?
Actually, the Yadah's Anti-T series is just like the anti-acne products..
It aims to fight blemishes, cleanse and tighten the pores to prevent further break-outs..

Yadah Anti-Trouble Bubble Cleanser RM59
Fights blemishes by cleansing deep into the pores and similar pH balance as the skin helps maintain its natural moisture level.
Its my first time using foam cleanser and I love it! 
The foam texture is thick and fluffy which able to clean my pores better..
My skin is actually quite dry and I thought it would leave my skin tight and dry.. 
However, my skin turns out to be softer and very refreshing after using this!
Definitely will purchase this in the future.

Yadah Anti-T Toner RM59
Sweeps away dead skin cells that can lead to break-outs. 
Tightens pores and calms down oily, blemish-prone irritated skin.
It smells so nice! 
I can't really describe it but it doesn't smell like very artificial yet comforting!
(yea I know it's weird description)
Its very watery, so you can't really see it on my palm LOL
have been using those a bit saturated type of toner recently so I can really feel that its refreshing and easily absorbed into my skin..

Yadah Anti-T Emulsion RM59
Mattifies skin and keeps it shine-free.
It hydrates the skin very well..
I like to use moisturizing gel because its not oily..
This lotion is just like a gel moisturizer, hydrates the skin without leaving any oily sensation..

Yadah Anti-T Spot Treatment RM35

High potent concentrated formula helps reduce pimples, blemishes and blackheads gently yet effectively without drying the skin surface. 
Combats inflammation and improves skin immunity without irritation. 

This is my favorite among the Yadah Anti-T Series!
I applied it on my T zone and my chin area..
My blackheads are reduced significantly after applying this Anti-T Spot Treatment!
It's not that I'm stingy applying just a bit on my hand :P
Although its a small tube but just a small peanut size can cover entire nose ady!

I tried this series for 2 weeks and here's my result!
Can see the my pores are tighten! 
Plus, the sebum secretion at the T zone has reduced..

Now I'm asking boyfie to try it out!
He's a very very very very very serious oily skin!
Will see how's the result after few weeks and update you guys in my facebook page  :D

I'm really satisfied with Yadah Anti-T Series to be honest!
One of the reason is because it's 100% free from artificial coloring and preservatives..
That's why its suitable for sensitive skin too..
And also, the price is quite lovely for us as a student :)
(the packaging too hehhh)
Strongly recommend Yadah to you teenagers or young ladies!
I think a simple and effective skincare(not too intense that kind)is much more suitable for young skin..

OKAY now! Where can you get Yadah?
Especially for girls like me, staying in small town which has no access to latest beauty products..
No worries! 
You can get it from HiSHOP because they deliver internationally!
(free nationwide delivery above RM50 purchase)
They are having 10% discount on Yadah's product range NOW!
What chu waiting for? ;)


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  1. Wow it seems like a great product :D thanks for the great review!

    Followed your ice blog! looking forward for more beauty products reviews!

    Lizzie (www.lizzieleong.com)

    1. Thanks for following ❤
      Yadah is really great! Once I finish this series I'll try another series :)

  2. hie, does the Anti-T emulsion helps control oil?

    1. Hi Steffi,

      My skin condition is more towards dry combination, so it helps to control the oil at my T zone.
      As for my boyfriend's skin, he has very oily skin, the emulsion helps him reduce sebum secretion but in terms of oil control it doesn't work very well.
      Hope this helps you :)

  3. how's the product works on your bf?
    did it give any brightening effect of acne scar?

    1. Hi dear!
      Ermm, I didn't observe any brightening effect on my bf's acne scar but I do notice that his sebum secretion has reduced. It has oil control effect yet it's quite moisturizing. :)

  4. Hi! are you still using it? does it really reduce the acne?