Spa Party with The Butterfly Project @ Posh! Nail Spa


I'm so glad that I finally get to join monthly project of The Butterfly Project!
My first time! Yippieeeee!
The Spa Party was held at Posh! Nail Spa..
Most of the photos in my post were taken by Swee San :)
me so irresponsible
Look at the balloons!!
they're all pink and purple so girly omo I'm gonna die~
Thanks Tres Chic for the awesomely planned party!
(photo credit to Tammy)
Me with all the collaborators!

I was busy getting dressed and rehearse for the Pink n Proper fashion runway once I reached Posh! Nail Spa..
BUT THEN...Good Friends Cafe was already there preparing the refreshments..
The food was extremely tempting and I was hungry that time..
so I curi makan a bit before the show starts OOPS!
Menu of the day!
The Tamrarind Prawn
 Seaweed Spicy Tuna
Fried Organic Tofu
Mini Lemongrass Chicken Sliders
 Raspberry Macaroons
Red Velvet Cupcake

Ice Lemon Tea

I'm now on diet and these food photos are killing me ><
Back to what we did in the Spa Party!
(sweet memories)

The Spa Party began with the opening speech by our Butterfly mummy...TAMMY!
And also performance by Ayna!
which I didn't get to catch :(
We have the manicure..
DIY bath salt..
(while waiting for the manicure hehe)
TT Masks counter..
And also mini facial and massage sections which I didn't get to try due to time constraint :(

One of the most exciting activities was the Pink n' Proper fashion runway!
Why do I say so? because..... I'm one of the finalists :P
The girls! Covered our dresses with bath robes..
Let me show you one photo before the girls transformed into hot chics!
And MAGIC.........!!
Deng deng deng~~!
Everyone of us looking gorgeous in Pink n Proper's dresses don't you think so? ;)
With Cindy before the runway!
and the naughty naughty Amelie!
Let me present you the Pink n' Proper Runway finalists!
I was freaking nervous that time couldn't think of anything..
so I just remain the same pose throughout the runway LOL

Immediately after the runway..
We went crazy in front of the photobox!
Non-stop camwhore until the fotobox almost turn into fotoboom!
All I have after that was less than 1 hour left to get pampered!!
I'm running out of time!
So I quickly get into the queue for my manicure..
Didn't get to take photo of my nail colors because I'm afraid to scratch my pretty nice lovely nails..
Then I went for my pedicure..
It was so relaxing and I almost fell asleep!

Before I could get my pedicure done, the prize giving ceremony already started!
I think the staff can feel my excitement and she speed up and get my pedicure done quickly HAHA

Here's the winner for lucky draw sponsored by Only Beauty
The instagram contest winner Aida won herself a Signorina EDT by Salvatore Ferragamo!
And the winner of best dressed won 1 year supply of body lotion and powder 
sponsored by so Soft. so JOHNSON'S® ..
Guess what, I'm one of the best dressed!
Curious about my bath robe?
I was in my sister's Kimono! 
(photo credit to Jennifer Fur Fur)
Then, the Pink n' Proper fashion runway winners!
Posh! Nail Spa not only sponsored the venue but also lucky draw for us the butterflies!
Each of us get an awesome goodies bag after the Spa Party!
(few of the goodies were missing because I left them in my hometown)
AND! I got this from The Body Shop because I'm the 6th to register! ;)
Just right on time for me to tone my body!


I must say, I'm so grateful to be part of The Butterfly Project..
Thanks to all the ladies who make this event successful..
Thanks to the team who volunteer and worked so hard to organize this awesome party for us..
You guys are amazing!
Last but not least, thanks to all the collaborators that are so generous for sponsoring the event..
Hopefully I'll still be able to join the upcoming events of The Butterfly Project's and grow with the community :)


Once again, I would like to introduce you The Butterfly Project..

"The Butterfly Project is a platform where women express themselves freely and openly emphasizing on passion and creativity, through blogs, youtube, instagram, twitter you name it . 
We hope by bringing projects to our community, it would bring inspiration to continue blogging about what you like, love and want while being happy and having fun doing it."

Together we inspire, and be inspired :)

[ peace♡ ] 

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  1. Congratulations for winning the best dressed prize from our Spa Party Alice! Hope you enjoy your body lotions & powders for a year using 4 variants of so soft so Johnson's body lotion. The oxygen is my favorite!

    Also thank you for blogging about your experience :) I enjoyed reading what you have done on that day! From fashion walk to having your pedicure done to winning some goodies.

    The spa fit is the latest collection from The Body Shop, we though after your fashion walk you might want to energized your legs away ^_^

    Glad that you found love in the community, may the force be with u!

    1. I love the oxygen variant too!
      It gives me cool sensation in this hot hot summer!
      and also, thanks for the spa fit collection, you guys are so sweet! :)

  2. Have been waiting for this post. :) The food looks so good and everyone looks so good! Congrats, Alice! :)

    1. yea it was awesome! you should join us in the coming project :)

  3. PerutBesi dropping by! Nice meeting you at Plus One Shabu2 just now :) I saw your post that you know Cindy! She's one of the bloggers whom I met at other food reviews as well :D See you around!

    1. Yea she's a beauty blogger too!
      hope to see you soon in the coming makan venture ;)

  4. didn't know have the goodies bag until u blog it =)