Beauty and the Bliss Workshop by Kinohimitsu and Review


I'm so sorry for the super late post because I was having sort of allergy earlier..
That's why I couldn't try Kinohimitsu and causes the delay..
This Beauty and the Bliss Workshop was actually my first beauty event..
Thanks to The Butterfly Project, I got the opportunity to get to know Kinohimitsu!

Kinohimitsu is the No.1 Functional Drink in Malaysia & Singapore.
It has won so many awards internationally.
What does Kinohimitsu means?
Kino means PLANTS and MITSU means SECRET in Japanese..(Secret of Plants)
All the products of Kinohimitsu posses nature-based extract which is vital to self-regulating system..
I guess most of you are familiar with this brand..
Their brand ambassador is the famous HongKong Artist Tavia Yeung (Yang-Yi)..
So pretty right? 
Our seats are arranged so I walk around to search for mine and I found this!
Lovely lil standee with my name on it!!
(Can you imagine first beauty event everything was just so exciting!)
The speaker of the day!
She brief us on the brand and product knowledge..(which is kinda boring hehhhh :P)
However, I still need to let you guys know that Kinohimitsu is under the Singapore based company..
Kino Biotech
It was initially manufactured in Japan but then they shifted to Taiwan..
Okay, SELCA time! Not so boring now :P
Let's take a look at their product range :)
Japan Beauty Drink Collagen 2500mg
Japan Collagen Diamond 5300 Drink
Japan Collagen Men
Japan Stem Cell Drink

Japan Detox Juice Tea
This is just to give you an idea about what Kinohimitsu is offering..
There are actually more than which mainly focus on Detox, Health and Beauty..

So glad to meet new friends here..
From the left, yours truly, Angeline, Tanya, Ahlam and Carina..
Everyone of us!
It's kind of special that they actually issued us a certificate for attending this workshop.
I wondered why they put "oh-alicewonderland" but not my name "Alice Tan" hah
Besides, the Collagen 2500mg and Detox Juice(plum) were included in the bag for us to try 'em out.
As I mentioned, I wanted to try 'em out immediately the next day but failed because I got allergy :(
After many delays, I finally try them out months later HAHA
First of all, Kinohimitsu want us to do detox first before we consume collagen..
For first timer, it is encouraged for us to consume this 6 days consecutively for best results..
The Japan Detox Juice!
It taste "very plum" LOL
Just like those dry plum fruit we can get in the hypermarket..
I must say, this works very very well!
I'm a person who has very serious constipation and I actually need to drink fiber quite often..
After taking this, I can do my business the next day, without suffering! 
Now I do prefer this than fiber, coz sometimes the fiber taste so disgusting and I can't stand it ><

After 6 days of detox, I started to drink the collagen 2500mg..
You may wonder why do I consume collagen at such young age right? (syok sendiri XD)
Actually we started to lose our collagen at the age of 20.
That's why lah! I'm kia su kia si one!
 This is marine collagen but it taste perfectly well because they added apple,lemon & lychee condensed juices into it. 

Curious about the results?
Taaa Dannnggg~~
The before and after!
To be honest, I don't think there's much noticeable changes..
But you can try to look at my cheek bone area, it looks a bit more hydrated after I took the collagen..
Sometimes the products might work differently on different individual..
You never know whether it suits you until you actually try it out..
So, why not give it a shot? :)

If you're interested with Kinohimitsu and wanted to know more about them..
Visit their official website and facebook page..

Here's something I want to share..
I used to work in Guardian for few days and there was a female pharmacist there with me..
Guardian was having a promotion for JUMBO size collagen products..(any brands)
So, the pharmacist was joking with me asking whether I want share with her to buy those drink..
Then I shared with her what I know about collagen..
Guess what, she told me that actually anything bypass our stomach will be digested,processed and breakdown..
Just like what we learnt in Biology. 
( I'm not a pro but learnt in school lah)
So here's a question, how can it be absorbed to our skin completely then?
I'll try to sort it out.. (homework for me ><)
Well, I guess the best way to fully obtain the collagen is still by injection..
No no no, of course getting collagen from food is the best lahh..
Okay, that's what the pharmacist told me and I'm still halfway researching about it..
If anyone of you know anything about this issue, I would love to hear from you!
Please leave a message down there and let's discuss :)


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  1. wow!! it seems pretty useful!! and that was such a pretty cool event. i didn't know it was call a FORUM ..haha

    1. Yeap it's actually quite informative :)

    2. Good sharing, Kinohimitsu Collagen Drink is no ordinary collagen drink. It comes with 5,300mg of Collagen Peptide specially designed for mature skin to restore youthfulness, resilience and radiance. For detail review visit:

  2. i like the Kinohimitsu Detox Drink :)

    1. It works so well on me too! Love it!

  3. hmm i won't go research n just answer as a human being yah..

    It's probably the same as medicine, it gets swallow and go does our digestive system right? but we get well, which means our body did absorb what we take in and it didn't go out the poo poo hole.

    For collagen, i believe it's a supplementary health product that would benefit us (make us pretty haha) in the same way as we take medicine or our food ^___^

    1.'re right Tammy! It's good for people like me, always sleep late and imbalance diet :X HAHA

  4. Hye. do u still consume kinohimitsu? for how long did u use it and did u experience any pimples after consuming this thing? :)

  5. Hye. do u still consume kinohimitsu? for how long did u use it and did u experience any pimples after consuming this thing? :)

  6. Is it really safe to consume kinohimitsu? it is made in Taiwan.