Wacoal Malaysia b.temp'd Launching @ Isetan KLCC


The fashionable b.temp'd is now in town!
Last Friday, I was invited to the launching of Wacoal b.temp'd at Isetan KLCC..
b.temp'd (pronounce as Be Tempted) was originated by famed Japanese inner wear producer, Wacoal in 2009 in United States..
(I didn't know Wacoal is from Japan ><)

Some random shots before the event begins..

By the way, they're not b.temp'd :P

So, emcee of the day....Jasmine!

Opening speech by the execute director of Wacoal Malaysia, Mr. Takashi Watanabe..
He mentioned that Wacoal is into its 10th year in Malaysia..
(10 years ady! WOW)
Its time to introduce the b.temp'd to the adorable Malaysian ladies..

Group photo after the balloon cutting ceremony..
Super sexy dance performance by the b.temp'd dancer!
They're so hot!

Took photo with the b.temp'd lady with purple wig!
Such adorable huh ^^
Really looks like Japanese! But she's Chinese I confirm!
(coz I spoke to her in Chinese :P)
Now! Take a look at the main character, b.temp'd lingerie line!
 *jeng jeng jeng jeng*

Wacoal thoughtfully selected 2 iconic collections into Malaysia for the moment which are
How Gorgeousb.wow'd & Hip N' Chic..
They are priced at RM119.00 and above..

How Gorgeous flaunts a desirable contour..
b.wow'd assures to give you mood and bust a sensational push..
Actually I like the design of b.wow'd because you can convert it into criss-cross or halter!
But what makes me hesitate is this!
 The distance is so far and I wonder whether I'll look good in this..
Lastly, the Hip N' Chic daywear!

Anyway, I was told that the collections are available up to C cup only..
So yea, for those who're more busty, don't be disappointed kay ;)

This one! The candy machine for everyone to play!
There was some cute lil hair clips in it..
BUT when it comes to my turn, all gone :'(

Group photo is a must! All the bloggers together with Mr. Takashi Watanabe :)
(surrounded by the ladies hehhh)
(pssssst... did you realized that most of us are in PURPLE?)

I was so happy to meet this lady in the event!
Now I'm the b.temp'd girl! LOL
 Selca :P
 (nobody help me to take mahhh no choice lohh :P)

Here's the goodie bags for us bloggers!
I didn't use the RM30 voucher which was only valid on 31st May..
The collections are not so suitable for me..
But I must say, the b.temp'd underwear is so so so stretchable!
And comfortable as well lah!
It's the material that I like :D

SO....I'll just wait for next season and see what's coming up lah :)

Oh ya!

It's only available at Wacoal Young counter in Isetan KLCC and One Utama so far..
Do check it out ;)
For more information, you can visit Wacoal Malaysia facebook or their website..


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  1. Haiyo, if only I manage to go to the event I sure help you take picture of your OOTD wan, Alice! Hahaha! Like your hairstyle of the day lehh! <3 Hope we get to meet in any future events :D

    Celyx Lim