Kpop Dream Concert 2013 & The Stinger @ Genting Outdoor Themepark!


The KPOP Dream Concert 2013 happened 1 month++ ago which was on 23-24th May 2013..
I've waited for so long to blog about it because I thought I can get the photos from Sunsilk about our journey of Sunsilk Girl..
I've got NOTHING, no photos, no video, till now :(
Never mind, blog about that next time lah..

If you guys have read my previous post..
You probably know that we will be performing as the opening act for the Kpop Dream Concert..
There you go, the girls before the concert starts!

We had a super thick smoky eyes makeup because they say this will look great on the STAGE -.-
Super regret that I forgot to take pic at the backstage..
I saw Hyorin, G.Na, and a few members of 4Minute..
(such as waste that BTOB wasn't in their waiting room that time arghhhh ><)

The concert starts really punctual and we went on the stage at 8.15pm sharp as requested by the producer..
(not Malaysian's style okayy)
I was a little disappointed because that time the theatre wasn't fully occupied yet..

I've got myself pair of Rock Zone tickets worth RM688 each and I ran to watch the concert right after out performance..
Thanks to Nuffnang & Genting!
 After our performance, the first group that came on stage was...

Look at those sexy legs!
You will definitely fell in love with them if you see them performing live!
By the way, all of them are actually prettier in person..
I swear!

Next, it's G.Na!
She's the only solo singer in this concert..
She can speak very fluent English and what surprised me was that she wasn't as tall as I thought..
Very petite and cute!

Believe me, it's worth to die for them!
At first I don't understand why my girls are so crazy about them..
Now I DO!
They are so charming and charismatic and........I don't know how to describe!!
They gave lots and lots and lots of fan service..
My favourite Hyun Sik gave a fly kiss to us and we almost fainted!
They're LOVE 

Next coming up is the 4Minutes!
So Hyun took the fan's polaroid camera and selca!!!
Ji Hyun cried when she's singing but I don't know why no one knows why..o.O
Gayoon way too slim like a piece of paper when I saw her in person..
Their performance was great and interactive!

Lastly, the goddess! Brown Eyed Girls!
They're so cool and arrogant!
(I mean their style lah not their attitude kay)


 You can't deny that they're really experienced and their performance truly amazing!

The concert then ended just like that..
No encore nothing. LOL
But that's their style lah..

( We went to chase BTOB later after the concert :X )

The next day, we went to Genting Outdoor Theme Park with 2 sponsored tickets from Genting!
Thankiewww  ♥

We actually went there for the launching of the new ride - Stinger!
Look at the crowd!

 The ribbon cutting ceremony!
Dance performance by sexy dancers!
 Goodies bags for the public..

I'm so glad that we get to use the express lane for the ride or else... I can't imagine -.-
They did prepared the rain coat for us so that we don't get wet..
Well, some of the rain coat works but some didn't so it depends on your luck also! HAHA
(there's a locker for us to keep our stuff)
This way up..
Drum droolinggg!
Bye bye and good luck! XD
Okay their rain coats doesn't work! LOL
Glad that we didn't get wet since we didn't bring extra clothes for change..
I'm clear!
I must say, try not to go Genting during weekend if you really want to try all the rides!
It's extremely crowded and the waiting time for each ride is approximately 1 hour -.-
We decided to just ride those extreme rides hehhh
From far.......
Challenge accepted!
The next......
Oh no.......not again ><
Can selca using phone some more hahaha! Quickly snap and keep in pocket..
The Stinger ride is added into my "Must Play" list in Genting Outdoor Themepark now :)

You guys should go and try it out..
Quite fun and thrilling!

Thanks again and again to Nuffnang and Genting Resort World for the wonderful weekend!

That's all for today!

[  Peace  ]

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  1. lol i tot u are one of the sexy leg girls! haha

    1. Well, I wish I could be! hehe :D