Spa Party?! That's LOVE❤


Have you heard of the mega project of The Butterfly Project?
It's a SPA PARTY wehhh!!

Wait! Do you know what's The Butterfly Project?
It's actually a beauty and lifestyle blogging community founded by Tammy..
Tammy has been putting so much effort in making this community successful,
organising monthly projects for the bloggers to gather, make friends and have fun together!
Thanks to Tammy! 

Now, back to the Spa Party!
When I first heard of the Spa Party, I went like.....
AAHHHH OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG I'm gonna get this invitation!!
This time, the June project- Spa Party is going to be one of the biggest event in this community!
I knew it by just looking at the collaborators!
There are 10 collaborators in total! YES TEN!
cool ya?
1. Posh! Nail Spa
The Spa Party will be held in this cosy lovely nail salon!
3. fotobox
The girls are going to non-stop camwhoring until the machine spoil :P
Okay when the fotobox is occupied at least we still have super nicely decorated place to take photo! 
Ahh that's Angeline! :D
This is LOVE! 
I can't even imagine how can a flip flops be soooo trendy and nice looking!


See! The collaborators are all awesome!
This Spa Party is really no play play one ahhh ;)
I know some of you must think that I'm crazy because I'm way too excited for this!
But let me tell you why I am so crazy about it!

#1 I've never been to any spa before
Well, I was raised in a small town and people don't really go to spa and stuff..
To illustrate how small it is, errr we just got a cinema in town for not more than 2 years..
(now ya know!)
However, I did day dream about it and hoping that someday when I grow up and start working..
I can do this with my besties!
Since I'm still a student now and don't really afford to indulge myself in spa..
 I really really really wanted to grab this opportunity and experience it together with the butterflies!

#2 The girls thing!
As you know, 50 bloggers will get the invitation to this spa party..
Which means that, I'm going to meet new friends there!
Not only that, imagine 50 girls enjoying spa together..
Eat, laugh, chit chat, camwhore!
OMGGG That's lot's of LOVEEE!

#3 My first monthly project since I joined The Butterfly Project
I remembered when I first joined The Butterfly Project..
I was too late for the May project T^T
Therefore, I can only read from blogpost of the other butterflies and imagine how much fun they had in the event..
Arrrgghhh *heartache*
Since then, I told myself that I must not miss any monthly project anymore!
and here it is, the Spa Party!

keep my finger crossed for the invitation..
pray for me ya ^^
(please please let me go :P)

[ peace ] 

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  1. Your pose is so cute! Hope to meet you there :D

    1. Thanks hehehhh!
      Hopefully can get the invitation and see you in the party ;)
      *finger crossed*

  2. Hello!! Stalk your blog! Nyek nyek nyek :P

  3. A spa party? Sounds like heaven to glam girls like us! But who doesn't love a spa day? With the level of physical and mental stress we deal with everyday, there must be a spare time devoted to renewing our mind and body for our overall wellness.
    Stela @

  4. I remember my first spa experience. I'm also from a small community where there were no spas nearby. My best friend invited me to come with her and try a new spa. My travel was all worth it since I really felt refreshed after the session. Since then, I was regularly visiting the spa. It really feels rejuvenating! :)