OMO so in LOVE with Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook™!


Let me tell you what happened recently..
Few months ago, I accidently knocked my laptop edge to a super soft surface and this happened..
and I was like......OH NOOOOOOOO!!
Of course this will NEVER be covered under my warranty so..
I spent few hundred bucks to replace the screen......
and SADLY, sh*t happened again.
I don't know why it just cracked at the side!
and I realized it's the steel inside that cracked. OMG how did I crack it? 
Using Chi-Kung?
Now that every time I open and close my laptop I have to be like super SLOW MOTION..
It's so scary and I don't think it can survive any longer..

However, by looking at these incidents from another perspective....
maybe it's buy a new one! LOLLLL
best excuse ever!

I have been searching for something light and thin so that it is easy to carry around..
especially when I have to walk to my uni everyday..
Of course it will be best if it has touch screen since its such a trend now..
But I wanted a tablet so so so so badly :(
Guess I can only choose between a new laptop, or a new tablet.. ugghhh
And the conclusion is..... I can only opt for new laptop because it's more practical for my current situation..
need to type and type and type..
Yea, I need laptop for assignments and studies...... so bye bye tablet :'(

BUT, look what I've found!
check this out!
Cool isn't?

Acer has launched its new product Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook™.
This Ultrabook inspired by Intel® is ultraportable, detachable, and touch centric..
The size of the tablet is just 11.63" x 7.51" x 0.39"..
with another 0.39" added in thickness contributed by the keyboard.. 
The weight of the tablet itself is just 790g while the keyboard added another 600g to it..
so its 1.39kg in total..
super light and thin isn't? 
Don't have to bring a huge laptop bag along with me to uni ady! YAY!

Besides that, the ultrabook has a battery life up to 6 hours..
720p front-facing camera and 5MP rear-facing camera..
(perfect for camwhore :P)
10 point HD touch screen..
Wifi, Bluetooth, micro HDMI, and USB 3.0 port..
To me, the beauty part of the tablet/ultrabook is the USB 3.0 port..
It makes the tablet/ultrabook become so practical!
The Windows 8 snap spiltscreen has also made multitasking even convenient! 
(Yea I'm more practical person LOL)

What I think will be super funny is to detach the tablet out of a sudden!
Imagine like we're in the mid of discussion and I need to show some info to my friends..
Just pretend like I'm super frustrated and quickly detach it and show it to them!
I think they will go like
"Oh oh oh oh your laptop!"

ngek ngek ngek! XD

Well, since I'm not a heavy laptop user..
basically just using the Microsoft office for assignments and surfing the internet.. That's all!
I would say, this Ultrabook is just nice for me!
Light & Thin
Touch screen
Purpose well served!
Oh no now I can't stop reading reviews and watching videos for this Ultrabook!
I'm so so so done!

You should check this out! ---> Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook™

Hopefully I can get my hands on the Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook™ in 

Acer & Intel “PLAYsure Redefined” Party on 23rd May!

Owwwwww can't wait!


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