My first blogger event : Astro On The Go Live Explorer!


I've been blogging since August last year..
But, I never got the opportunity to actually participate in blogger's event..
Last week, I was invited by Astro and Nuffnang to participate in the Astro On-The-Go Live explorer contest!
You're right! My first blogger event :')


Well, 50 of us, were paired up into 25 teams..
and each of us got an iPad from the organizer!
WOWWWW!! (but we can't bring them home -.-)
and the dongle..which apparently doesn't work well in the mall..

The contest was something like a treasure hunt/station game..
The clue of each location will display in the application which was pre-installed in our ipad..
We'll need to find the location, answer the question, and move on to next station..
What motivated us to run like crazy in Sunway Pyramid shopping mall was the amazing prizes!
Check this out!

Grand Prize
2 x Samsung Galaxy S4 + (Bonus: RM800 cash each IF you are an *Astro-On-The-Go subscriber)
1st Runner Up
2 x Apple iPad Mini + (Bonus: RM800 cash each IF you are an *Astro-On-The-Go subscriber)
2nd Runner Up
2 x Nexus 7 + (Bonus: RM800 cash each IF you are an *Astro-On-The-Go subscriber)
Bonus prize for top-tweeting team
RM500 cash + (another RM800 cash if you are an *Astro-On-The-Go subscriber)
Bonus Lucky Draw (for ALL Astro-On-The-Go subscribers ONLY)
1 x Apple iPad Mini



After the tiring adventure, we had out lunch at Delicious..

Didn't get to take photo of the food because I was too hungry that time..LOL
The food was so nice and thanks Astro for pampering us :')


I would say, the Astro On-The-Go event was really happening..
 You can see it from the crowd around the stage.. ;)
The performance that day was really creative and amazing..
I actually love the way how Astro tell the people what they can get from Astro On-The-Go!
The flash mob by group of macho performers really lighten up the event!
I guess this is one of the scene of Jodoh?
since the couple has no fate to be together in the end LOLL
(sorry if I'm wrong :P) 
 After the JODOH scene, there you go, Hefny Sahad!
You can hear people screaming the moment he came out!
 The OZ moment ;)
 The Pearl Harbour scene!
 Johan & SHIRO from Raja Lawak!
 The scene of The Legend of Zhen Huan..
Actress from Hua Hee Everyday!
Interview session with Jason Dasey & Abbas Saad!
OMG the Oh!My English crew!
They are so cute!
Kpop dance performance by the bunch of energetic teens!
Let's give a round applause for everyone of them! :D


I'm so happy that Astro On-The-Go offers so many channels and shows..
What makes me so excited is that they offer ONE HD channel!
OMG I can catch Star King and other Korean drama!
If you miss out any episode, you can still get it from "catch up"..
PLUS, I really wanted to have more general knowledge..
So I think Discovery Channel is going to be one of my favourite channel too..
Since it offers Disneyland, HAHAHA I think I will not miss it!
just sometimes lah hehehehe..
*totally spies ahhhhhh ><*


Other than the performance, they are many booths around the stage area..
Kids love this lahhhhh!
I thought I can literally break the plates when I first saw this!
But then I can only break them in the iPad. HAHA
Look at my record!
 PRO leh?!!
I got to choose 3 merchandise and so I picked these..

Next, our favourite booth! Free photo!
We bloggers were here for a real real long time..
Non-stop camwhoring!
BUT, we didn't get the softcopy in the end. WTH -.-

Jeng Jeng Jeng! The most exiting moment!
Let's see who's the winner of Astro On-The-Go Live Explorer event!

The winner of lucky draw! iPad mini wehhh so nice!

The top tweeting supporter! iPad mini also!

I stop taking photos after this becausee......

(credits to Loong Updates)
We're the top tweeting team!
With my amazing team member eyriqazz!
LOLLL was halfway taking photos..
then I heard my name!
I just screamed and ran to the stage!

(Credits to Tian Chad)
YES I'm the Astro On-The-Go Subscriber!

(Credits to Tian Chad)

To me, everything was so wonderful!
It was my first blogger event where I get to know new friends..
had so much fun with them..
the best part of it is what Astro arranged for us..
The fun, the games, the performance, the food, the generous prize..
Appreciate it :D


 The goodies bag :)

I met Jane Chuck in the event.
Finally met her in person!!! 

I'm a happy girl :)

[Peace ♡]  

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  1. Congratz...great teammate...Enjoy the moments..See u in other blogging events in future..

    p.s : easier for readers to comment if no comment moderation

  2. So glad to be in the same team with you!
    Hope to see you again too!

    yea I prefer without moderation also..Did it shows moderation?

  3. Congratulations Alice!!! It is a lovely posts, you even went to play the games around the stage. I was too tired I slack somewhere hidden HAHA..

    1. Thanks Nicole!
      Yea that's why I didn't see you around after that huh :P
      I tried to hide somewhere but there's no where for me to hide so I just hand around and go kacau all the booths XD

  4. Yeah, it show word moderation..

    1. I checked my setting and it showed "never" in word moderation. How come ><
      Will try to sort it out, thanks so much for reminding :)