I Am The Unstoppable Explorer!


Well, as a typical Aries, I can't stop myself from exploring..
It's like.....an instinct! HAHA
and there is one thing that I'm so passionate with..
which is to explore my TALENT..
To me, anything is possible as long as you try and TRY HARD!

“Life is an experiment in which you may fail or succeed. Explore more, expect least.” 
― Santosh Kalwar

We've been told that "hey you can't do this you can't do that"
BUT, but, 
don't limit yourself in doing anything!
Be it sports, dance, music....anything!

And so recently, I've took my adventure to explore my....
DANCING talent!
One of my friend told me that 
"hey Alice I didn't know you can dance"
and I said,
"Well, I don't know I can dance as well"

I have no idea that participating in Sunsilk Girl Search will lead to this dancing journey..
The moment I got the phone call from the organizer..
saying that I have to dance my own KPOP song in the finale..
I was like........uggghhh no SH*T!
Worst to the worst, I need to decide which song I wanted to dance in 20 minutes...-.-
So I ran down to the dance studio in my University and ask my friend to help me!
and luckily, I survived.
At first my friend said I was like doing kungfu show instead of dancing..
which seriously hurt me! XD
so after that I practise harder and harder and harder so that I don't look that stupid when I dance..
and I did it!
Yea I've been selected as one of the winner to perform alongside the goddess Hannah Tan!
All my hard work did pay off!!

However, the training session isn't easy for me especially when I don't dance often!
And now I need to attend classes conducted by professional trainer..
Believe me, it's stressful..
Maybe because I'm perfectionist and wanted everything to be best.
Or at least, at a satisfying level..
since I've been trusted and given this opportunity..
I need to doubled up my effort, buck up and try my best to do it well as return..

I would say, we girls have so much fun dancing together!
It is so important to have positive mind set,be happy about what you're doing, and be confident dealing with challenges and obstacles ahead!

and, I can't survive the adventure without my phone!
it is so so so so important!
okay let me give you a few examples..
when you're going to a new environment to meet new people..
1) you can pretend that you're texting or playing games to get through awkward moments.
2) you can add each others in instagram or facebook or whichever social media platform.
3) you can search anything with your phone when you don't know something that other people just mention.
4) you can take photo with your new friends!

That's why it's vital to bring my phone with me 24/7!

And now, 
Astro-On-The-Go allows me to watch my favourite shows from Astro anytime, anywhere!
Now that I don't have to miss my favourite news Evening Edition from AEC when I'm in Uni or even stuck in the jam!
And do not even need to sit in mamak for LIVE football match LOL
The subscription fee is just RM25 per month, what are you waiting for?

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